Blogger of the Week: GEORGIA!

Hi my name is Georgia and I am the blogger of the week. I am going to start of the week with a video to say hi!

In Hebrew we are doing tefillah here is a video of tefillah to show you. I enjoy tefillah because we get to sing and have fun.

In Hebrew we are doing the blue book. The blue book helps us with our new Hebrew words.

In gym class we played a game called Shark Attack. You had a rope and a scooter and there was an island and a safe place and a not safe place. You had to get from one side to the other without being caught. We worked on our teamwork and collaboration. This means you have to work together. If you do not understand here is a video.

We read a story with Ms Signer. We read a story about a boy who was not allowed to learn to read because of  the colour of his skin. The book is called More Than Anything Else.

There is a new blogging group and there is a lot new bloggers, ready to get started.
Here’s a picture of them.

Here we are playing math games for Pi day.


In Hebrew we play a game called Catch the Ball. Morah Sigal throws and whoever catches has to answers the question. We have to speak in Hebrew and we can ask for help from our friends.

In English we are reading a book called MR.POPPER’S PENGUINS. We are researching about penguins in computer time and using the things we learned with Miss M in the blogging group to make a google doc.

In Hebrew we were working in our yellow book. We read the sections from the Torah and we answer questions. We are practicing our hebrew writing. 

I led the anthems today here is a small video.

In music we were making our own rhythm and singing songs with Mr R

At the start of the day, we get quiet time to read. We read books for about ten minutes then we start our work. 

In French we did a lot of things this week! We did reading our French play which is about the animals in a swamp throwing a surprise birthday party. We had to figure out scrambled sentences from the play and put them together to make a sentence. Monsieur P read to us a Robert Munch book. Here are some pictures.

The shinshinim came into our class and did Eurovision! It was so fun, we all had to practise a song which was by an Israeli artist and we had to perform the song, lip syncing and dancing. Here is a video of the class doing it.

In Art we are making Egyptian cats and writing our names in hieroglyphs.

Don’t forget it is the OJCS ‘WEEK of RUACH!’ next week! Let Adam, our Grade 3 Knesset rep, remind you what each day is about:

Thank you for reading my blog!

Grade 3 Blogger of the week – EDEN!

Blogger of the week!

Hi my name is Eden and I am the blogger of the week! I am so excited to tell you about our week!

In grade 3, we start our week with French. A group worked in a separate room with madam Marlene and a group worked in the classroom with Mr P. We were working on new French words.

Here is a video of madam Marlene working with her group. W
e played charades with Madam Marlene.

In gym we were doing stations. We love stations. We added  2 new stations.The new stations were floor hockey and chute boll.

We heard the last blogger of the week’s blog. He did amazing. We loved it. Well done!

On Wednesday we had music. We love music.

We got ready for STEAM fair. Good luck everyone!

Look at our blog post about the STEAM fair to see all of the projects. It was really fun! The parents were happy.

I interviewed the people who made a zip line.

It was so loud in the STEAM project room  and there were so many people in the classroom. It was super exciting.

In Hebrew we practice our reading. It is fun. I like reading. In Hebrew and we got beanbags this week. It is called flexible seating. We love them!
We love to read in English, we are doing really well in the reading challenge: we got 1457 books.

In French, Mr P. took the class to the gym to play French games! It was so fun, first we had to throw a ball into basket then we did an egg and spoon race and finally an obstacle course.

Friday was Crazy hat day, here we are!

In the library we did a workshop about responsibility online. We coloured in a worksheet about self,community and world.

This week I led the class with the anthems

Blogger of the week – ADAM P!

Hello, my name is Adam and I am blogger of the week in Grade 3. I found this week a really good experience because everyone worked really well. I felt good being the blogger because I got a chance to write about all the great things we do in class.

Before I get started here is me leading the anthems:

On Monday  we worked in our French folder. In this folder there are crosswords word searches and secret codes.

We are working on a play ( French play) called les animaux du bayou.I love this play it is about a mouse named Susie and it’s her birthday and she  wants to play outside with her friends but they made a surprise party.

I was in a group of 4 and we practiced reading the play. For the first reading attempt, the part I chose was Susie.

Here is a picture of three more groups reading the french play.

In Hebrew we do  tefillah תפילה – this means tefillah in Hebrew. Tefillah is praying to god and singing prayers. Here is a video of tefillah. I am showing yigdal in this video.

Here is someone in my class speaking Hebrew.

In my Hebrew book on page 25 you need to fill in the blanks the options are…יש ,זה, זאת, אלה, שלי, יש לי.

Everyone knows most of the words,but אלה means ‘those’. I am really proud of my work.

Here we find out what work is happening in Hebrew:

Gym is my favourite subject it is so fun. On Monday we played castle ball and it is so fun! There are 3 skills: building and defending and attacking. Here are photos. It was a tie! Two people made a small castle and defended it like nothing!

I’m passionate about taekwondo.I love taekwondo I would like to share that so you might do it to. 

We are reading books. Oh I forgot! The book challenge! Here is a photo to show you. Some people love reading so much. I also love reading so much.

In General studies we’re starting STEAM fair. What is STEAM fair?Science technology engineering art and math. For STEAM fair we are working on some stable structures. Me and my friend are thinking about making cardboard zip line.

On Tuesday we continued with STEAM fair. Here is me and my friend doing work. We have lots of work to do on STEAM fair.

The new blogging group is just about to start.The people in the blogging group are so excited. Here is a video with the 2nd blogging group.

Here is a previous blogger of the week sharing her blog with the class.

The STEAM fair is getting even better because of the structures. We are all making great structures for STEAM fair.

We worked on our structures. We need to make it move 50 cm or 1 m to hold 100 grams.The pairs are really good because they work really good together. Most people have created cars and 1 person has created a zip line. Here is 2 people creating a car they work great together. Here is a video to show you.

In STEAM fair we have fun with the art I am so excited to see others structures.

Mrs. Cleveland can and taught a lesson on patterns, we learned about the core of a pattern, the repeated rule,

Growing /Increasing, shrinking /Decreasing, are keywords. Did you know music is a pattern, doesn’t have to be 2 figures and or just getting higher.

Two people from robotics are explaining ibot 4 square.(4 square for robots)If You stop………YOUR OUT!!! We are so excited to play 4 square. Here are my friends in robotics having fun and excited. My robot went straight at the corners it was so fun.(SO FUN!!!) I like robotics because you’re learning how to program a robot.

In Hebrew, we get homework. Every day we have a yellow folder and get a slip of paper.(Hebrew paper)  all write what the paper says we read what homework we got yesterday. Here is a video to show you.

Translation in Hebrew.

אנחנו בעברית .

בכל יום יש לנו חוברת צהובה ומקבלים פיסת נייר.

There is a Hebrew game called catch question it is my favourite Hebrew game EVER! When someone gets the ball they answer the question Morah Sigal gives us.

We have shinshinim! The Shinshinim are…Liam and Imbar. They teach about Israel. They say a rocket launched to space. It will land on the moon  on April 11th. Today with Liam and Imbar we are playing checkers. I moved 2 and got out everyone is trying to get the flag. Someone put the flag in their shoe.

The next game is a quiz about what we have learnt in class today. You’ll hear in The options why.the options are…sydor,soccer ball,flags,CD,moon view, necklace,Israel, model of a airplane, mazooza.

On Wednesday I was chazan. Chazan is a leader at singing prayers. They also say the way you do the prayers and call the number in Hebrew. The other people follow what The chazan sings what type of way they want to.

In Hebrew we have happy faces and sad faces. If we earn lots of happy faces, this leads to reward time, but sad faces lead to less reward time. I am so happy that I have more happy faces then sad faces. No book takes a little from your free time. Here is a chart with happy and sad faces and what we did so far.

Here is a class photo to show some hard work we have done. A special thing for all of the work we done in English this year.

Mr.R is our elementary music teacher. He taught us about classical music, and did some fun videos.

In the library we have so much fun reading books, someone is reading a book write now. He is probably zoned in.

 In English we are reading “Stone fox”. I think it is a great book.

In computer time, we go on  google docs and create blog post drafts.

Here is a class photo in gym.

With Mrs. Cleveland we are working on patterns in tables.
We are working on grade 5 math!

This is the end but don’t forget… I am Adam. P, Grade 3 blogger of the week!

Blogger of the week – SACHA!

Hi! I’m Sacha and I’m the blogger of the week. I am going to tell you about what Grade 3 does during the week.

When you sing the anthem your hands have to be on your sides. I lead the anthems this week:

In French class, first we work inside our blue folders that have French word searches and crossword puzzles.

Then we work on a story called La Goutte de pluie that means The Raindrop.

At the beginning of English we read books for 10 minutes.

Sometimes we work in our journals the challenge today was to write 20 lines. Challenge accepted!

We are working on an Ontario project.You pick a partner and a city in Ontario.You and your partner go on an IPad and find facts about your city then you post it on google docs. Once you are finished writing on Google docs you print it out.Then you put it on a folded piece of paper with a map of Ontario on the front but you have to draw a dot where your city is.

This is a video about our class working on the Ontario project:

Some people are presenting their projects, showing their excellent speaking skills.

We have read so many books for the reading challenge.This is a picture of the reading challenge.

On Tuesday me and a few other people go to the Science lab with Ms.Cleveland.This week we are doing increasing patterns.We had to do these triangles with toothpicks

There is a number of figures and a number of toothpicks on this chart.

Today we are practicing a French play called Les animaux du bayou that means The animals in bayou. I am reading the French play.

Now Madam Marléne is reading the play to us.

I was invited to LEGO Robotics. We are using a colour sensor it senses colours. You plug the colour sensor into the robot.Set it to a specific colour and press go you can even say the the colour.robot. Then you have to code the robot.You can make it stop and turn.

Every day we get Hebrew reading homework.We glue the homework in our yellow books and copy the writing in cursive.

Here is our Hebrew book work:

In tefilah there are chazanim they are the leaders of tefillah. Here is a video of one of our prayers called עלינו – aleynoo:

We play a game where Morah Sigal throws a ball at one of us and asks that person a Hebrew question that we have to answer in Hebrew.

On Wednesday it was a snow day. The first one since 1998.I am asking some people what they did during the snow day.

Today we are in the computer lab and making blogs like the one you are reading right now.

Today at gym we are playing Mario Kart.There is a cone circle and we go on scooters around the circle.Once a person on a team goes around the circle they get a Popsicle stick and a dollar bill. 3 dollars you get a bowling pin/banana peel. 5 dollars you get a dodge-ball/turtle.And 10 dollars you get a free push a dodgeball and a bowling pin. IF you bump into a bowling pin or some throws a dodge-ball at you, you go to the middle and roll a dice to see what exercise you have to do.

I am at chess club and this is a video of Alan explaining good moves in chess.(Alan runs chess)

Now we are playing chess.

Our class made a bunch of games like Kahoot,Snakes and ladders,a skit and a word search, showing our new vocabulary we have learnt in Hebrew:

I hope you liked reading my blog and finding out about what we do in Grade 3. Hope you all have a nice February break!


Grade 3 – blogger of the week: Charlotte!

Hi my name is Charlotte and I am the blogger of the week.

I am very excited about it because I’m going to share it to everyone in my class and everyone else.

On Monday I took a lot of pictures and videos but most of the videos are in PE. The first game we had to make the Hula hoop go around us we  also had 4 groups of 5 or 6. We played another game and this time There were 2 groups of 11 but I’m not going to tell you about it here is a fun video.

Now I am going to tell you about the group that goes with Ms. Signer. We read Stone fox and practise our reading.

 Tuesday we went to the library and I interviewed a few friends with another blogger.

In robotics, we are making a robot who needs to follow the line. I enjoy robotics. Here is a picture of the robotics group and video of our robots.

Now here are a couple of pictures and videos of us working with the Shinshinim. We watched a video of sea Animals that you can find in Israel.

On Wednesday there was an assembly about JNF. JNF raised money plant trees in ‍‍Israel. JNF means Jewish National Fund.

New sports banners were put up in the gym. Well done to everyone who won a banner!

In French we have been learning about adjectives and practised by describing our house.

We practise Hebrew reading everyday:

On Thursday we went to Hillel lodge. We played cat and-mouse, duck duck goose, charades,popcorn and we played a game called balloon noodle.

Thursday is when the Knesset meet. The Knesset is a group that tries to make the student life better. They organise fun days like Colour War. Adam.L is the grade 3 rep.

On Friday me and Miss M worked on putting my blog together. Now here it is I hope you liked it 🙂

Grade 3 blogger of the week: AYALA!

Hi my name is Ayala. I am blogger of the week.I am having a lot of fun because i like blogging and it has been fun telling you all about our week.

We are having a lot of fun in gym we are playing obstacle courses and other fun activities like 4 corner soccer and
American are some pictures and videos.

In English we are learning about Ontario we are having a lot of fun.We also do journal and go in reading are some pictures and videos that you can see.We love reading. we have a reading challenge going on,everyone is reading so many books!Our goal is to read 1500 books.

For the STEAM fair we need to make a bridge out of 50 straws,3 meters of tape ,and the bridge had
to be at least 20 centimeters and it had to hold 100 grams.It was very hard and fun.STEAM stands for
science technology engineering art and math.

We are learning new ways to divide with Mrs Cleveland.
It is very fun.But I still need some more time to
practice long division.️️️️I really like it.

In French we like to play games and listen to songs
like “on écrit sur le mur” or “ chante” that kids united
sing.We also like to work in our red blue and yellow are some pictures where you could see us
working. J’aime francais! I like French!

We love shinshinim it is so fun!
We get to play games ,listen to music
and try new foods it is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love tefillah !!!!!! It’s so fun! Here is a video
of tefillah.

Grade 3 blogging update

Good afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our blogging journey in Grade 3.

So as you know, the year started with small groups being taught how to blog. First by the use of paper blogging then they moved on using technology (iPad’s and/or computer lab) creating a google doc in which they researched and developed a more professional looking blog. These creations were displayed in the grade 3 and 4 hall and cafeteria with many of their class mates leaving comments for them. The groups looked at commenting and what makes a quality comment, developing help videos to show others how to comment. Rules were made (and displayed) and then they took their knowledge into the grade 1 class and taught grade 1 about blogging and commenting. Blogger of the week started and is continuing with fantastic success.

Due to upcoming projects the new blogging groups have to be put in hold but the final group will be starting straight after February break with the exciting hope that all grade 3 students will be bogging by the spring.

I(Miss M) have even been developing my own skills in the blogging world; completing an Edublogs online course. It was super informative and an amazing resource to dip in and out of. There is also a student version which, when the students start to blog independently, they will use.

I am so proud of the Grade 3 class with how quickly and efficiently they have picked up the skills.

All that is left is for me to do is to apologise. If your child wants to continue their ‘blogging challenges’ school work at home! Sorry for the fun and enthusiasm I have caused…

Any questions, worries or queries please feel to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Miss M

Talia – Grade 3 blogger of the week!

Hi my name is Talia . I am the blogger of the week . This has been a very fun week because i really like blogging. I like it because i get to show everyone what we are doing in 3rd grade. I am looking forward to making my own blog.

In this video, I am talking about leadership in Grade 3. I think everybody in grade 3 are being good leaders. To be a good  leader you need to be kind, share, try your hardest, listen and others.

The school started a reading a challenge and whoever reads the most books gets a pizza party. Grade 3 love to read and would read even if there was no party!

In math we do a lot of math challenges for example we do math word problems, multiplication and division.

In Hebrew we are making games like kahoot ,word searches and others. These games help improve our Hebrew in a fun way.

We enjoy Tefillah because we get to sing.

This week, the blogging group went to the Grade 1 classroom to show them their blogs and teach them how to comment.  The grade 1’s enjoyed the blogs and had fun giving comments.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you liked it. Please leave comments about what you would like to see in the next blog.