General Studies Homework

Our homework this week will be online. The students can work on tasks on IXL

They can also make read and comment on the Class Blogfolios. The children are really excited to get comments from their friends and parents. We have talked about making good comments to our classmates. The best part of the practice is that the children are motivated to keep writing, and that just makes me smile.


Blogfolio Permission Letter and English Homework

Your child will be bringing home a permission letter for Blogfolios in their backpack. I have attached the signed permission slips from last year to allow for changes before the blogfolios appear on the class blog.

Today we took a look at blogfolios from different grades, and we even started our first post on a google doc. It will take some time to complete it. The students are beyond excited and have asked if they can work on it at home tonight. I said yes 🙂 We will work on this post over the next week at school as well. I have also put some suggested skills for multiplication work on IXL.

Tonight’s Homework

Work on your blog post (Don’t stay up until midnight )

Work on multiplication skills on IXL

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out.

Grade 3 investigates…

Keeping in mind the current times in which we live, in Social Studies Grade 3 delved into the impact humans have on the earth. Looking at the cause and effect of Fossil fuels, deforestation, and air pollution. Here are a few examples of the work produced…

Keep checking in on our blog as the Grade 3 students use the information they have researched and become News reporters! WATCH THIS SPACE!


Hey, Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents!

The Maccabiah games 202o has ARRIVED…

So here is a rundown of FAQ:

When is it happening? 
Friday, June 5th
The day begins at 9:00AM
(Maccabiah wraps up at 3:00PM so everyone can make it to Kabbalat Shabbat!!)
What is the theme?
OJCS Maccabiah Games
4 Teams, 1 Heart
Whether Together or Apart
What are the 4 teams?
We have the blue team (team ROCK), the green team (team COUNTRY), the red team (team POP), and the orange team (team HIP-HOP). It will be a battle of the music genres!
MissMellenthin will share the team list with you this week and it will attached to next week’s schedule.
Are we fundraising?
 YES! Our goal this year is $15,000! Here is the link to share  with family and friends:
One key feedback I need and I will email this out as well is  I need to know if each student is participating with a parent, older sibling, or if they need to be paired with a teacher. This is super important for the day to be as fun as possible! 
Here is to a fun-filled day! As always, if you have any further questions please just email.