Harry Potter and an Afternoon with Grade 3

Today, Ayala and her friends enjoyed a magical afternoon of Harry Potter with Miss M. Ayala won the prize at the teacher raffle and chose 4 friends to join her.

Students arrived to footprints and a version of Marauders Map where they had to solemnly swear they were up to no good… Miss M had organised lots of mischief!!! Dragon Eggs needed to be decorated, selfies with favourite books and wands to be made; plus many treats from (Kosher!) Honeydukes to be enjoyed. With the Chamber of Secrets playing in the background, Ayala and friends laughed and chatted all afternoon and went home with air of magic surrounding them…

Donations for Kosher Food Bank

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

As Shavuot approaches we will be collecting non-perishable foods/goods to donate to the Kosher Food Bank. We ask that you try to donate generously. There will be a box outside of the chapel to drop any items in before/after school. Grade 5 will also be coming around to remind students.

Any of the following items would be happily received:

  • Pasta (canned or dried)
  • Protein alternatives (Peanut butter, Soy products, nuts)
  • Canned goods (stews, soups, beans)
  • Dried goods
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Bathroom tissues and diapers

Thank you for all your support,

The Grade 3 Team.


Blogger of the Week – OLIVIA!


On Monday we had our model Seder we had a fun time. We had a great time singing songs Miss M hid the afcoman. Adam P found the afcoman he gave everyone a little piece of the afcoman. The play was amazing and everyone did so well!

In the afternoon, we had math we played time bingo Benny won the game. After, we had creative time in groups or partners. Talia and Monica presented a story. It was so funny!


We have English first thing in the morning the first thing we do is read. We love reading. After that the blogging group went to do their blog. We love the blogging group . Eliezer was the first to be done, his blog is about Lizards. My blog is on Minecraft I am almost done. In the group is Lily, Monica, Benny, Adam T, Joel, Alora, Zoe and I.

Today is Zoe’s birthday Zoe brought popsicles.

After recess, we went to the Library then we went outside.

After, we have gym we are doing stations. There is hokey, spike ball, skipping, hola hope,s,bean bag toss. We love gym. After we are playing time bingo.

Benny is the first caller for bingo. We love time bingo Joel, Lily and Jack won the game.

Now we have French class. Mr.P just came back from New York City. We are playing a game. We have messed up sentences. We do it with our French play my group is Sam, Talia, Charlotte, Adam P, and myself . In French we are playing a game on are French play called les animaux du bayou. We are almost finished the practise for the play.

We have shinshinim, we are playing a game where you watch a video about the four sons after the video is done you need to find the afcoman… I was the one who found it!


We had Hebrew first thing in the morning we started the day of with a game we’re mora segal throws a ball  and gives you a question such as ‘how many people have glasses in the class’. It is in Hebrew and we have to reply in Hebrew. We can ask a friend to help.

Then we had English, we went to the computer lab to work on out blogs and reading reports. After that we had quiet reading time. Then we watched more about the Passover story.

In music, we played a game where you listen to a song and guess what group of music it was from. We had more time to practice on the drums.

In the afternoon we had English with Miss Bennett and French with Mr.P. We are listening to a story and then we are doing the journal for five minutes. The story is called the neighbor Oskar. I love stories in French and English.

Sorry the blog was so short this week, I am leaving for New York on Thursday! MAybe I will tell you all about my trip when I get back!

Blogger of the Week – MONICA!

Grade 3 Blogger of the week

Hi my name is Monica I am so excited to tell you about this week. It has been a blast documenting about this week. So without further ado let’s get started.


Aujourd’hui on a le français. Dans la classe on a travaillé dans notre cahier bleu et on a fini le film Space Jam. J’ai regardé un petit peu du film en anglais a la maison. C’est un film drôle et c’est sur.

(Translation) Today we have French. In French class we did our blue book and then we finished a movie called space jam (in French). I watched a bit of the movie in English (at home). It is a silly movie but I know it’s not real(end translation) the movie is about aliens trying to find people to make their amusement park fun.

We also have Hebrew class. I love Hebrew. In Hebrew we are practicing songs for our model Seder. Ms.M started giving out our parts for the Passover play that we will be performing it later on. Some people got an English part and some people got a Hebrew part. I am the narrator with Olivia. I can wait till we can perform it. We are working on the songs and prayers in a haggadah

We LOVE Hebrew!

Next, we have gym. In gym class we played a game called Newcombe ball. Newcombe ball is like volleyball, there are two teams and a ball your team has to get it over the net. It’s hard to explain so just look at the picture and it will show you how to play.

In the afternoon, we had General studies. We did some independent reading and listened to our blogger present his post. Here are some pictures and videos of the previous bloggers blog.  

After we did some penguin research. Emmett showed us his home made computer. It was so cool and really impressive! Here is a Pic Collage that shows you what it looks like.


Today we have English first. We are reading. Our class loves to read books so much we have gone past are first reading challenge goal! Here instead of me telling you how much we have read here’s a picture of how many books we have read… you will be impressed!

After reading we  practiced our Seder play here’s a video of a group that is acting and reading their parts for the play. I am really enjoying practising.

We went down to the library for reading buddies with Grade 8. Here are some pictures of reading buddies.

We have gym. I love gym! In gym, We played Newcombe ball  with elimination. It is so much fun!

In math class, we are practicing reading the time. Let’s say Ms Bennett said show me 10:00 I would do this on my clock.

Get it?  Good. I am getting it… Ms. M challenges us to tell the time all day! Then we got a worksheet about time, to practise.

Now it’s French time. We are doing journals. Journal is where you get a few minutes to write as many words as you can in French. It’s so fun.

After outside it’s Hebrew time. Everyone loves Hebrew. In Hebrew we practiced our play and practicing songs for pesach. We have shinshinim. Shinshinim is my favourite today with the shinshinim we are playing a game where we all have a string in our shoe and you have to grab somebody else’s string out of their shoe. The second game we played is were the shinshinim give us groups and a sheet of paper that listed neighbours and we had to grade the neighbours 1 to 10. It was so fun to do. It was all about living alongside other people.


Today started with Hebrew first we are making decorations for our model Passover Seder. Some people are making a 3D ocean and some people are making a 3D pyramid. Here is a picture of what we are making:

After we finished making 3D figures we listened to the people who have Hebrew parts here is a video of them reading :

After they finished reading we practiced some songs for Passover.

Adam P went to interview Dr. Mitzmacher. Here is a Pic Collage of the interview and if you want to see the whole interview go to Adam P’s blog.

When the interview ended we went back to English. In English we practiced the play. And after we practiced the play we went outside. When we came inside we had French. In French Mr P. read us a story in French the we practised our French play with our new parts and teams.


Today was our day to go to the book fair! It was so much fun and I loved seeing the books and other toys.

We had general studies and we watched more Mr Popper’s penguins presentations and those who had comments to respond to on the blog replied. We also had more TIME practising time in math. We also played time bingo where we had to listen for the time being called out and we had to work out of we had it. It was hard but a good way to practise time.

We did a full run through of our Seder, Morah Sigal saw our English play for the first time and she was really impressed! I can’t wait to do for real next week.


We started our day with our Rosh Chodesh assembly. Here is a Pic Collage to show you all the different thing we heard about.

We finished our impressionist art today. It was so fun to learn a new style. Here are some of the amazing art from our class.

We also made charoset – This is for our Seder.

Madame Marlene was our French teacher today. We played our French games and did independent reading. After our reading time we used the vocabulary from our books and games to play hangman.

General studies with Mrs Bennett is always fun! We did story writing in new partners, I am working with Talia. Our new story is based on true events maybe you will see it soon! We also have FREE TIME because we earned 1 and a half happy face buckets! Well done Grade 3! We are so awesome! It is my favourite time of the week.


Thanyofor reading my blog!


Interviewing Dr. Mitzmacher!

Interviewing Dr. Mitzmacher

Interviewer: Adam Peters


What is your favourite animal ?

His favourite pet is Cat and his favourite animal at the zoo koala bears (I love Koala bears too!)


Why did you become the head of school ?

He was young he spend  his time in the principal office (not for good reasons!) and when he grew up he knew he wanted to be one.

Where were you born ?

Dr. M said ” the Great state of New Jersey” (I found out that New Jersey is in America)


What is your favourite fruit ?

Raspberry’s. Mine too!


Did you like drawing when you were younger ?

No he did not like drawing.


Were you ever a teacher ?

Yes (sort of.) He taught at different Hebrew schools but not everyday like a regular teacher.


What is the job of a principle?

Dr.M likes to be called Head of school because a principle just looks after a school. He needs to make the school balanced. Not just education but the business and community side of the school.

Did you ever break a bone ?

He broke 4 bones: 2 arms, 1 leg and 1 finger.

Gross story alert! Dr.M played soccer one weekend when his parents were out of town at a bar mitzvah. In a tackle, he was pushed and fell on his wrist…the bones her sticking out of his wrist! ERGH! He couldn’t get treated because his parents were away so he had to wait with only ice! OUCH!


This next story is even more gross! Another time he broke his wrist and had a cast on, his friend thought it would be funny if he could put in a  corn ball in his cast but he didn’t tell his parents for 7 weeks when they took out his cast the corn ball was under his skin!


Were you an only child ?

Yes, he was a only child.


Did you choose the early dismissals?

No, the dismissals are based on the Jewish holidays. On Friday there is a early dismissal between November and March.


What is your favourite day of the week?



What is your favourite food ?

Kosher BBQ ribs.


Were you in charge of last years raffle?

No, grade 8 was in charge and the Knesset.


Thank you for reading my blog if you liked this, you should check out Adam P blogger of the week see you next time!

Blogger of the week – Eliezer!

Blogger of the week Eliezer!

Hi my name is Eliezer and I am the blogger of the week. I am so excited to be the blogger because I can blog about the week.

In French on Monday we write in our blue folder. We do word searches and crosswords. Sometimes in French we read French books.

אנחנו מקבלים שיעורים בעברית כל יום.עברית אנחנו משחקים משיחה שהמורה שואלת שאלת ואנחנו עונים אנחנו מתפללים כל יום וביום שישי אנחנו מתפללים תפילה לשבת

הנה וידאו בכיתה שלנו

בעברית אנחנו עובדים בספר הכחול.היום בערית אנחנו הולכים להלל לודג,הכיתה שלנו אוהבים ללכת להלל  לודג,ורואים הדגים.

In gym we have fun and play games. This week we are playing new cong ball it is mini volleyball.Sometimes instead of gym, we do health class and we watch a movie called Ratatouille,we like watching Ratatouille is a movie about a rat and his dad gets mad at him for liking humans.We are learning about healthy foods and processed foods.

We have English class at the end of Monday. We do a lot of different things. When we get in we read for 5 to 10 minutes. For the reading challenge we have read 1614 books.

In English class, I lead the anthems.

A group goes with Ms.M. it is the blogging group. We have started to make our new electronic blogs. We have to make sure we use capital letters and the right punctuation and at least 5 sentences in a paragraph. Today Ms.M is getting the bloggers to reply to comments on their blogs when they were the blogger of the week. This helps us practise commenting.

We are working on penguin research. And practising our presenting skills.Today,  two people presented their penguins blog. We are going to the computer lab,we are working on google docs skills or math playground. Sometimes we have creative story writing time my whole class likes creative writing story time.

We have Library once a week. We read books in Library, we like library.My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix.

Each day, we have math class. Once a week for math class me and a few other people go with Mrs.Cleveland. This week we are doing word problems. We do challenging work\math. I like going with Mrs.Cleveland. We read the question and then answer them.

Nous aime Francais.

Today two grade 4’s came in and showed us their projects that they made. After they read it in French they translated it into English. One was on Dancing and the other was on Skating. We play games,the games we play are a game where Mr P calls out a letter and we say a word in french. We are watching a movie called Space Jam in French.

This week, like always, I went to robotics club. We make robots. We like robotics,it is fun. We use tablets, and Ev3 bricks. We are making Inch-worms. We do program robots. I also went to chess and math club, I played chess against Adam.

We when to Hillel Lodge this week. I was in a group with two people.We are doing crafts with the elderly residences/people.The craft that we are making is a kiddush cup and  word searches, we help the residents if the can’t find words or stick things in the craft. Our class loves to do word searches. We also listen to Hebrew songs. On Wednesday we started making sentences in Hebrew and presenting them to the class. This is Hebrew word of the day challenge.

We have shinshinim once a week,every time they come we do a different activity. We like it when the shinshinim come. This week when the shinshinim came we played a game where everyone had two pencils and you had to try and take someone else’s pencils. This helped us learn about teamwork and working together. We learnt about democracy and the Knesset. We had to get into two teams and come up with reasons for and against school uniform and then vote.

Our class has music once a week,our class likes music.We are listening to instruments and we have to guess what instrument from the computer. There are six styles of music.

We started a new art project in art class. We are learning about Berthe Morisot, she was born in France on January 14, 1841. Edouard Manet was one of her friends. This was one of her paintings.

This week is the parent teacher meeting, the grade 3 class all go to the Library before aftercare. In the Library we played a game called squirt.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Scholastic Book Fair!

Calling all Grade 3 students and parents!

The OJCS Scholastic book fair is coming next week!

Remember to bring money on the day of your class visit, Grade 3 will be visiting on THURSDAY APRIL 4TH (Miss M will remind you of your day!) Parents can pop into the book fair before and after school- it opens at 8:00AM. At the book fair, you can be entered into a draw for a Scholastic certificate. You have one entry per book purchased.

Finally, please take a look at the teacher wish lists… donations would be greatly appreciated.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask,


Miss M

Blogger of the Week: ADAM L!

Adam L. blogger of the week

This week was our Spirit / ruach week in Grade 3!!! Purim was on Thursday and it was so much fun!

Spirit week themes were dress up as your favourite:

  • Hawaiian day
  • movie or book character
  • future career
  • Purim costume 
  • PJ day

Now back to the class bits!


We always start our week with French class and we work in our cahier bleu:   Blue folder.  The cahier bleu is our booklet that has activities such as word searches and crosswords.

We’re doing stations in French class. This includes: Memory match, quia french, Mont a mots, and snakes and ladders in french: prudence.

Here’s some pics for y’all:


In Hebrew class we do a blue workbook. The blue book is a workbook we do in Hebrew class which teaches us new words.

In Hebrew class we’re making Kahoots! Our Kahoot! Is about purim. I’m making one about Purim with Benny. The story behind Purim includes Queen Vashti being humiliated by her husband, a murder plot against the king, a new queen Esther, a wise man called Mordecai, the evil Haman trying to wipe out the entire Jewish people, and the Jews taking revenge by hanging Haman and all of his sons. Yikes!

עכשיו יש עברית עם מורה סיגל! עכשיו אנחנו עושים ! Kahoot !


We just started shinshinim and I’m having a lot of fun!!! We played a game where you have 2 teams and you have to pick an emoji and do a mission that’s underneath the emoji. A person from your team to do the mission! But the emojis were modified from the original emoji and if you lose you have the shinshinim draw the modification on the emoji on you!!!

Physical Education:

I love❤️ gym!!! We always do fun activities! Games like: castle ball, soccer, dodgeball, and stations. I had lots of fun! Sometimes there are different stations like Badminton skills and target practise with hockey sticks. 


In English class we always start by reading a book. I love books!

You always learn something from books. I love ❤️ to read Amulet, Harry Potter, and Septimus Heap. Now we are going to stop reading our books. There’s a new blogging group starting with Miss M. I’m so excited to see what they’re making!!!

The rest of the class that aren’t in the new blogging group are reading a story called Mr. Popper’s penguins! I think Mr Popper’s penguins is a great story!!! We also get to practise our blogging skills by making a google docs ‘paper blog post’ about penguins. 


We have a mathematics classes everyday with Mrs Bennett and we are learning about Multiplication and division. I’m in one of Mrs.Cleveland’s’ group and we’re working on long division! I’m working on it and I’m getting better at it! We’re doing 3 and 2 digit long division! 

LEGO Robotics:

Now we have LEGO robotics!!! Here’s a picture of Ian, he does LEGO robotics! We’re doing the inchworm. Inchworm is  a robotic worm. We learn about the code to make it move.


In art we’re working on Egyptian cats. Some people finished their cats and are working on a bonus Egyptian drawing!

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have all loved spirit week as much as I have! I hope you like it. Please tell me your favourite bit in the comments!

Adam L