Grade 3 blogger of the week: AYALA!

Hi my name is Ayala. I am blogger of the week.I am having a lot of fun because i like blogging and it has been fun telling you all about our week.

We are having a lot of fun in gym we are playing obstacle courses and other fun activities like 4 corner soccer and
American are some pictures and videos.

In English we are learning about Ontario we are having a lot of fun.We also do journal and go in reading are some pictures and videos that you can see.We love reading. we have a reading challenge going on,everyone is reading so many books!Our goal is to read 1500 books.

For the STEAM fair we need to make a bridge out of 50 straws,3 meters of tape ,and the bridge had
to be at least 20 centimeters and it had to hold 100 grams.It was very hard and fun.STEAM stands for
science technology engineering art and math.

We are learning new ways to divide with Mrs Cleveland.
It is very fun.But I still need some more time to
practice long division.️️️️I really like it.

In French we like to play games and listen to songs
like “on écrit sur le mur” or “ chante” that kids united
sing.We also like to work in our red blue and yellow are some pictures where you could see us
working. J’aime francais! I like French!

We love shinshinim it is so fun!
We get to play games ,listen to music
and try new foods it is AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love tefillah !!!!!! It’s so fun! Here is a video
of tefillah.

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  1. You are a fantastic blogger Ayala . Thanks for sharing all the exciting things your class is up to 🙂

    1. Hi this is Ayala , I really enjoyed sharing all the exiting things my class is doing.
      Thank you for reading my blog!

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