Blogger of the Week: GEORGIA!

Hi my name is Georgia and I am the blogger of the week. I am going to start of the week with a video to say hi!

In Hebrew we are doing tefillah here is a video of tefillah to show you. I enjoy tefillah because we get to sing and have fun.

In Hebrew we are doing the blue book. The blue book helps us with our new Hebrew words.

In gym class we played a game called Shark Attack. You had a rope and a scooter and there was an island and a safe place and a not safe place. You had to get from one side to the other without being caught. We worked on our teamwork and collaboration. This means you have to work together. If you do not understand here is a video.

We read a story with Ms Signer. We read a story about a boy who was not allowed to learn to read because of  the colour of his skin. The book is called More Than Anything Else.

There is a new blogging group and there is a lot new bloggers, ready to get started.
Here’s a picture of them.

Here we are playing math games for Pi day.


In Hebrew we play a game called Catch the Ball. Morah Sigal throws and whoever catches has to answers the question. We have to speak in Hebrew and we can ask for help from our friends.

In English we are reading a book called MR.POPPER’S PENGUINS. We are researching about penguins in computer time and using the things we learned with Miss M in the blogging group to make a google doc.

In Hebrew we were working in our yellow book. We read the sections from the Torah and we answer questions. We are practicing our hebrew writing. 

I led the anthems today here is a small video.

In music we were making our own rhythm and singing songs with Mr R

At the start of the day, we get quiet time to read. We read books for about ten minutes then we start our work. 

In French we did a lot of things this week! We did reading our French play which is about the animals in a swamp throwing a surprise birthday party. We had to figure out scrambled sentences from the play and put them together to make a sentence. Monsieur P read to us a Robert Munch book. Here are some pictures.

The shinshinim came into our class and did Eurovision! It was so fun, we all had to practise a song which was by an Israeli artist and we had to perform the song, lip syncing and dancing. Here is a video of the class doing it.

In Art we are making Egyptian cats and writing our names in hieroglyphs.

Don’t forget it is the OJCS ‘WEEK of RUACH!’ next week! Let Adam, our Grade 3 Knesset rep, remind you what each day is about:

Thank you for reading my blog!

10 Replies to “Blogger of the Week: GEORGIA!”

  1. You did such a great job as blogger of the week, Georgia!

    I loved how thorough you were and all the great use of pictures and videos to really capture your week! Did you learn anything about your class or about yourself from having done this work? Are there new skills you learned that you could apply to your day job as an OJCS student? 🙂

    Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thank you I had lots of fun. I learnt how to use pic collage. A skill that I use in class is google docs most of the time and I use the internet to do research in class.
      From georgia Thank you.

  2. I loved your blog, Georgia!
    I really enjoyed that you shared insight about why you love tefillah class. I would love to hear more about your opinions on your other classes or what your favourite parts are of the other classes and subjects.
    Looking forward to reading your next post as ‘blogger of the week’ in the future!

    1. Hi Leanna it’s georgia I love gym because we get to play lots of fun things. And I love English because I like private reading. Thank you Leanna love you.

  3. Georgia we love your blog post! It was amazing to see all of the fun and learning that happens in all of your classes. The multi media made the blog really come to life. We love how you included your classmates in your blog. You were a great cahzanit during Ashrei! Love you you we are very proud of you!!!

  4. Your Bubbe and Zaidye are so proud of the great work by you and your classmates. Nice job on the blog keep up the good work. Love you so much.

  5. Wow! So great to see what you do each day at school. Loved to hear your sweet voice, singing both anthems. The hieroglyphs look fascinating… maybe if you bring some home you could save one for our grandchildren art gallery, currently featuring drawings by Jack. Always room for more.
    So very proud of you!!
    Love, bubbie Maureen

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