General studies homework Due March 18th 2020

Good Morning!

(I am posting this early as I am not in school tomorrow morning! Homework sheets will be handed out tomorrow.)

Here is a link to the multiplication homework this week.

2 times tables

5 and 10 times tables

If you would like to challenge yourself:

3 and 9 times table (coming soon – a student video showing an awesome trick to help with 9s)

Multiplication word problems 

Language Arts – In our Poetry Unit we have just looked into making Haiku poems. Try making your own at home. You will present it in class!

Any questions, please ask!

Miss M



General Studies Homework Due March 11th 2020

Good Morning Grade 3,

All students will receive a multiplication strategy booklet this week to practise Arrays, Colour-block square tables, skip counting and number lines. These are all useful strategies when practising multiplication. As we are starting out multiplication and Division unit in Math (which will last until the end of March) this booklet will help when you get stuck.

You can also use an interactive tool such as YouTube and listen to multiplication raps and I will set multiplication tasks on Knowledgehook.


Miss M

General studies homework Due February 12th 2020

Good morning grade 3 and grade 3 parents!

Here is your homework this week:

Math – mixed addition and subtraction both 3 and 4 digit, with and without regrouping. This is the final challenge in this unit.

Language Arts – We have started our informative writing unit this week. Here is a comprehension activity.

Read this article about the Youth Winter Olympics. (paper copies will be available in class) and answer the questions

Questions worksheet and article.

Have a great week!


Miss M


General studies homework Due February 5th 2020

Good Morning Grade 3 and grade 3 parents,

Here is the homework for the week:

Math -addition and subtraction 2 and 3 digit practice with and without regrouping. Our weekly quiz will be based on 3 digit subtraction with and without regrouping.

Sheet one

Sheet two

Sheet three

Additional practice sheets can be given upon request.

Social studies – Plan out your ideal settlement. Click on this link for further instructions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Miss M




General studies homework Due January 29th 2020

Good Morning grade 3 and grade 3 parents!

Here are the homework choices this week:

We have started out new math unit ‘adding and subtracting greater numbers’ (2 digit and 3 digit). Here is the work sheet:

Here is the Language arts homework choice – describing a character using adjectives and verbs.

Reading is not a part of the 3o minutes a night homework for grade 3 so I would love to see and hear about all the ‘extra’ reading you have been doing at home.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss M

General studies homework – Due January 22nd 2020

Welcome back Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents!

This week the homework options are Math practise – perimeter: Sheet one and Sheet two


Structures worksheet – noticing and recognising strong and stable structures in your community.

Remember only one piece is required to be completed. Children in Grade 3 should be spending 30 minutes on homework each night. Reading for pleasure is time outside of this.

Any questions, please feel free to email or comment.

Miss M

General studies homework – due December 18th 2019

Final week for homework before Winter Break!

Here are your options:

Language Arts – continuing to develop interesting sentences. You need to finish the sentences starters to create interesting sentences. Don’t forget to add in adjectives to describe your nouns. Add as much detail as you can uses the senses, click here for sheet!

Language Arts Option 2 – Wacky Writing… Frankenstein’s monster is getting a suit fitted – your task is to write a story about the image on the task sheet – click here for sheet!

Math – measurement problems and practise. 

As always you just need to complete one task and if more challenging work is needed please request.

Miss M