Grade 3 blogging update

Good afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our blogging journey in Grade 3.

So as you know, the year started with small groups being taught how to blog. First by the use of paper blogging then they moved on using technology (iPad’s and/or computer lab) creating a google doc in which they researched and developed a more professional looking blog. These creations were displayed in the grade 3 and 4 hall and cafeteria with many of their class mates leaving comments for them. The groups looked at commenting and what makes a quality comment, developing help videos to show others how to comment. Rules were made (and displayed) and then they took their knowledge into the grade 1 class and taught grade 1 about blogging and commenting. Blogger of the week started and is continuing with fantastic success.

Due to upcoming projects the new blogging groups have to be put in hold but the final group will be starting straight after February break with the exciting hope that all grade 3 students will be bogging by the spring.

I(Miss M) have even been developing my own skills in the blogging world; completing an Edublogs online course. It was super informative and an amazing resource to dip in and out of. There is also a student version which, when the students start to blog independently, they will use.

I am so proud of the Grade 3 class with how quickly and efficiently they have picked up the skills.

All that is left is for me to do is to apologise. If your child wants to continue their ‘blogging challenges’ school work at home! Sorry for the fun and enthusiasm I have caused…

Any questions, worries or queries please feel to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Miss M

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