Student Blogger: My Hobby Is…

One of our November BINGO tasks was to create a poster about a hobby and present it to the class. This week, one of our students presented her poster on reading! For the privacy of the child, please do not use her name in the comments. Below is the script from her presentation.

The title is… I like reading!

You could make books about your life and you can make books into movies like Harry Potter. If you read more, the faster you get. In non-fiction books you learn facts and other people can make books about your life. Fiction books make you imagine. Reading gives us quiet time and it makes you smarter.

(Question from the class) What are your favourite books to read?

I like reading Harry Potter, The Babysitters Club, Evil Spy School, and Babysitters Little Sister.

(Question from the class) How did you get interested in reading?

When I started reading in Grade 2, I got into it a lot more. I started with the Owl Diaries books.