Grade 3 – blogger of the week: Charlotte!

Hi my name is Charlotte and I am the blogger of the week.

I am very excited about it because I’m going to share it to everyone in my class and everyone else.

On Monday I took a lot of pictures and videos but most of the videos are in PE. The first game we had to make the Hula hoop go around us we  also had 4 groups of 5 or 6. We played another game and this time There were 2 groups of 11 but I’m not going to tell you about it here is a fun video.

Now I am going to tell you about the group that goes with Ms. Signer. We read Stone fox and practise our reading.

 Tuesday we went to the library and I interviewed a few friends with another blogger.

In robotics, we are making a robot who needs to follow the line. I enjoy robotics. Here is a picture of the robotics group and video of our robots.

Now here are a couple of pictures and videos of us working with the Shinshinim. We watched a video of sea Animals that you can find in Israel.

On Wednesday there was an assembly about JNF. JNF raised money plant trees in ‍‍Israel. JNF means Jewish National Fund.

New sports banners were put up in the gym. Well done to everyone who won a banner!

In French we have been learning about adjectives and practised by describing our house.

We practise Hebrew reading everyday:

On Thursday we went to Hillel lodge. We played cat and-mouse, duck duck goose, charades,popcorn and we played a game called balloon noodle.

Thursday is when the Knesset meet. The Knesset is a group that tries to make the student life better. They organise fun days like Colour War. Adam.L is the grade 3 rep.

On Friday me and Miss M worked on putting my blog together. Now here it is I hope you liked it 🙂

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  1. Very nice Charlotte!We liked reading your blog. Is it hard being a blogger? It looked like fun during PE.Good job! -Ava and Georgia

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