January BINGO

Welcome Back Grade 3!

Below you will find a copy of the BINGO board that went home today!

We also have a few notes and reminders:

  • We are headed on a field trip to the Museum of Science and Tech! The permission form with details is in your child’s notetote. PLEASE sign it and return it as soon as possible!
  • We have added Amplify Boost to the BINGO board this month! In case you don’t remember… Amplify is the online reading platform we are using at OJCS this year. We use Amplify mCLASS to administer the DIBELS assessment and we use Amplify Boost to practice and build our skills with a Science of Reading approach! In order for the data collected through Amplify to be meaningful, it is imperative that you do not help your child complete their work on the website! (login information for Amplify is below the BINGO card).

As always, please be in touch should you have any questions!

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Access Amplify Boost on the computer with this link OR scan the QR code on an iPad! Once you arrive at the website, your student should login with their Google Account (firstname.lastname@theojcs.ca).

Hanukkah fun

Hanukkah Fun in Grade 3:

We have spent a few periods this week getting into the Hanukkah ruach with some French games centered around the holiday.

We had a Monday morning class with our friends from Grade 1 doing reading buddies and completing a Hanukkah packet prepared by Madame Efi. This included a word search, a vocabulary jumble, syllable work and colouring. The 3B class really enjoys the time that they spend each week with their younger friends.

On Tuesday, we split into 4 groups to play a Hanukkah challenge. We started by listening to the song La fête Hanouka by the singer Maitre Gims. The song was very catchy, but the purpose of the game was to put the lyrics of the song into the proper order. I had cut the song lyrics into 13 different puzzle pieces and the task was to try to create the fewest mistakes possible. This was a bit of a challenge, but we listened to the song two more times and each group did very well. 

The second game was a French Hanukkah Blooket Fishing Frenzy. The students had 7 minutes in order to correctly answer as many questions as possible about the holiday. 

Our third and final game was our Writer, Messenger, Editor game. There were 6 French sentences all based on Hanukkah. The goal of the game was to write the sentences with the fewest mistakes possible. Spelling mistakes, forgetting to capitalize or even missing an accent would be minus 1 point. The twist is that each player on the team has a turn being the writer, the messenger and the editor. 

Here were the sentences.


  1. Je vais à la synagogue. 
  2.  Il mange des latkes.

    3. Elle chante des chansons

   4. On allume les bougies.

5. Nous faisons des beignes. 

6. Je donne un cadeau.

We plan to continue playing similar games for all of the other Jewish holidays coming up. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year 2024.

Oh, Chanukah… Oh, Chanukah

Can you believe how fast Chanukah flew by!?
Here is a snapshot of some of the Chanukah magic from the last 8 days in Grade 3…

This is Morah Lianna’s favourite Math problem! Can you solve it!?


Of course, you saw us in our Chana Zelda performance on Tuesday evening!


…and what would Chanukah be without some sufganiyot!?


We hope you had a lovely holiday! Shabbat shalom!

Hour of Code

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of participating in a coding workshop with Accenture (Shout out to Ariel P.’s dad!!).

The students (and even the teachers) had a blast working through the coding challenges! Here is a link to complete the same dance party challenges that we completed during the Hour of Code at school.

We know many of the students wanted to continue coding at home, so here are some links to get you started; CodeCombat & Code.Org