After all their hard work and preparation, Grade 3 presented their blog posts to Grade 1 and taught them about how to comment in an effective and meaningful way. The grade 3 blogging group prepared a ‘stations’ layout and the grade 1 students were split into groups and visited each station. Upon arrival at each station, the grade 3 blogging group had prepared a speech, introducing their blog and how one may go about commenting. They shared rules and a model example, alongside comment sentence starters and comment boxes.

Grade 3 even took the time to reflect and reply to the comments, responding to questions and developing answers.

They were mini teachers in action, with their lesson plans, resources and differentiation. Well done Grade 3! And thank you Grade 1 for being such good commentators, we really appreciate your kind and encouraging words!

Check our blogger of the week post on Friday to see the group in action!

Fair is not always equal…

Grade 3 pondered this statement today in a learning styles workshop with Mrs Reichstein. We looked at terms such as ‘Auditory’ ‘Visual’ and ‘Kinesthetic’. The students were really interested to find out how they learn best and were shocked to find out that we all learn differently!

A few students gave feedback on the workshop and explained what they learnt in their own words.

Emet – Grade 3 blogger of the Week

Hi i’m Emet and i’m the blogger of the week. I like being the blogger of the week but it’s a bit hard to balance classroom activities with blogging.

I’m going to give you a summary of the week.

Here is Sammie presenting her blog to the class and showing us what comments she received. I hope to get lots!

In gym we played stealth and we did stations with Mr Bruno, our sub.

This is Robotics club, it runs at lunchtime. This week we made tech tech – a walking robotic. I really like robotics clubs because you get to make robotics and see them run. I like to program them with the Lego language.

This week in library, Brigitte did a workshop about researching and using keywords.

We did Math problems in General studies. A group of staff came in and asked us questions about how we were solving our math problems.

This is the Kindness tree, lots more people have gotten on the tree. So that must mean that our class are acting much kinder.

This is me and Sacha interviewing each other in French.

This is me interviewing the grade 3 rep for Knesset, Adam.

This is end of my portion of the blog, I hope you like it and I hope can say the say for then next blogger of the week.


Grade 3 Research Workshop

The Grade Three class enjoyed a research workshop with Brigitte today. They learned all about researching on internet using key words instead of typing questions into Google. Brigitte helped the students look at research questions and figure what key words would be good to use when conducting a google search. Everyone was very engaged in the whole process and some children even started writing their own research questions and key words. Miss M. and I are going to enjoy helping the children use key words while researching in class to help the students become excellent researchers this year.

Purim Carnival


Dear Parents,

Purim is coming up soon and Middle School is preparing a carnival and we are looking for small prizes to provide students. If you have any gently used toys, small gifts, “chachkas” or anything that you think a child would enjoy to choose as a prize, please send in your items to your child’s homeroom teacher.

We thank you for your support and help in making this year’s Purim festival the best ever!

(Thank you Grade 3 parents for any support you can give!)

Grade 3 Blogger: Sarah- Amanda AKA Sammie!

Hi i am Sammie, this week i am the blogger of the week.

Every body just came back from winter break so they are a bit tired, but we still had a good week. We have done a lot of fun stuff in gym, English, french and Hebrew.

In gym, we have played a lot of games that we enjoy such as Mario Cart, Spike ball, Cookie Jar, Evolution . Here you can see us playing at our stations class:

We have done a lot of fun math games also.

There is a new blogging group.They have made new blogs and here you can see what some of them look like:

In Hebrew, we are doing a project called ‘Who am I’. Here is a video showing how we did it:

We love library time because it educates us and it is also fun. In these videos we are reading with our reading buddies in Grade 8.

We LOVE Tefillah! We love it because we get to learn the words of the prayers. Each day different students get to be the leaders of Tefillah.