Fact vs. Opinion

This month we have been learning about the difference between facts and opinions. It’s important to learn the difference so we can become better at identifying opinions from facts when doing research online!

We started with a read aloud and workshop with our Librarian, Miss Brigitte!

Then, we spent our library period finding different non-fiction books about various topics of interest. We then started our research by looking for facts!


Some interesting facts we learned were…

  • You fit as many as 130 people in one large log house
  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s grandmother lived to be older than 85 years old
  • Helen Keller was deaf and blind
  • Harry Houdini’s father was a Rabbi
  • Most fish use their tails to swim

Some opinions we shared were…

  • Sharks are ugly
  • Maple syrup is yummy
  • Dogs are better than cats
  • It would be hard to be Helen Keller’s teacher


Do you have any fun facts or opinions that you would like to share with us? Comment below!!!

– Our February Break begins Friday with a PD day!

Marvelous Maker Day Magic!

Global Maker Day was so much fun yesterday… So we decided to continue it today!

Grade 3 traded in their “Fun Friday” games period this morning to continue working on their marvelous maker day magic! Here are just a few snapshots from the classroom… Morah Lianna’s job as photographer was put on hold so she could become the duct-tape cutter.


Between all of the making, smiling, and tidying, we were able to reflect on Global Maker Day and the making process.

What was your favourite part of Global Maker Day? My favourite part was..

Ella “…that I could take cardboard boxes and turn it into something else”
Yaara “…we could get creative and build anything that we want AND that everyone made different things. It was fun!”
Ahron “…working together, having fun, colouring, everything!! I just feel happy.”
Miko “…when I added a cereal box to our marble run to make it harder so the marble wouldn’t always get in.”
Jake B “…actually getting the marble in!”

What was the most challenging part? The most challenging part was…

Ollie “…everybody kept knocking over our project because it’s big and on the carpet at the front of the room.”
Ron “…working in a group and with my team”
Reuven “…when we were struggling to figure out what we were going to do. We tried something, but it was too hard, so we tried something else, and that led us to make something else. So that is what we are doing now.”
Raz “…working alone one the second day when both my partners were absent… But then two other friends came to help me and now I have something even better!”
Galit “…figuring out what to build and how to make it.”
Abby “…when you would have to cut the boxes and cardboard.”

What would you do differently next time?

Jacob H “I would probably look at all of the boxes and other materials I had before getting started”
Solly “I would try to do it with more people instead of mostly by myself.”
Kayla “I would use bigger scissors to make it easier for cutting.”


Morah Lianna was so impressed with the teamwork, creativity, and clean up crew in this class! This may have been our first time “making” this school year, but it will most definitely not be our last!

Kitah Gimmel Parents: Please keep your eyes out for a blog post next week all about launching General Studies homework in Grade 3! Shabbat Shalom!


La fête de la francophonie

Hello, again today I will be writing about all the Citys of OJCS. What we are doing is all the classes in OJCS are choosing a place that speaks french and they will have to sing a song and everything. The class will also have to decorate their classroom door on the french speaking place they are doing. Grade Three is doing Monaco and Haiti. The door that is decorated best wins! The school will hear all the classes sing in an assembly (they will also see their doors) Both classes will get together and sing their song. Grade 3 is doing Chante by kids united. All the classes will have to make their door a vibe of their countries. The classes will have to learn about the places they are doing(like Kahoot  to learn more)


They all had a lot of fun learning! Please look at the pictures below


By Lyla 

Photos by Shayna


Monaco est un endroit magnifique et a beaucoup d’eau. Saviez-vous que plus d’un quart de la population est milliardaire?! Il y a aussi 1 ou 2 familles royales. Il y a même une rue qui porte le nom d’une princesse! Il y a aussi une course appelée le grand prix.

La plupart des millionnaires et milliardaires ont des yachts et certains sont des célébrités! Monaco a assez d’eau pour accueillir plus de 70 yachts et assez pour qu’ils puissent se déplacer! Il n’y a pas beaucoup de maisons, mais un tas d’appartements géants. Monaco est aussi un endroit très beau et cher où séjourner, mais c’est aussi TRÈS petit.

Monaco is a beautiful place and has plenty of water. Did you know that over a quarter of the population are billionaires?! There are also 1 or 2 royal families. There’s even a street named after a princess! There is also a race called the grand prix.

Most millionaires and billionaires have yachts and some are celebrities! Monaco has enough water to accommodate over 70 yachts and enough for them to move around! There aren’t many houses, just a bunch of giant apartments. Monaco is also a very beautiful and expensive place to stay, but it is also VERY small.

by Oren and Jonah


Bonjour, Haiti est un pays dans le Carribian. Haiti est célébre pour ses belles plages. 🏊. Haiti n’est pas le plus grand payscdes Caraïbes mais pas le plus petit non plus. Haïti est un pays dela merdes Caraïbes qui occupe le tiers de occidental 

l’ ïle d’hispaniola, il 

est bordé par la Republique Dominicaine à l’est et il partage des frontières maritimes avec  les Bahamas, la Colombi3, Cuba et la Jamaïque.


Haiti is a country in the Caribbean Sea that occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola it is bordered by the Dominican Republic in the east and it shares maritime borders with the Bahamas, Colombia, Cuba, and Jamaica. Haiti isn’t the biggest country but isn’t the smallest country  

by Livia, Orly, and Noa


A French song is sung by 3A & 3B

Ruach Week and Purim




                                                                                   Ruach week 

Hi, I am going to talk about Ruach week.

On Monday it was mythical Monday.

On Tuesday it was tie-dye Tuesday.

On Wednesday each class got to do whatever they want to dress up as but in our class it was wacky Wednesday.

On Thursday it was Purim and we got to dress up as whatever we wanted.

On Friday it was PJ day and some classes got to watch a movie.

And that was Ruach week.

By Eloise

I like Purim because it’s really fun to see everyone’s costumes I like everybody’s costumes they wore Unique kind of and I liked my brother’s costume I like making the cookies and after we played games at my house and I like toys I got at the toy station and I liked the games but I was sad that my toys are gone but I got more toys it was fun to get more games I’m happy that I got more toys after.

By Liam


Mythical Monday was really fun. Our class got the role dress up the first day was mythical Monday Aviv dressed up as a green tiger Ethan was two of spades and Nikki was a witch  Alex was a llama Ari was a dragon Gila was a computer mouse Orly was a unicorn Noa was a fairy and Livia was a vampire we all had great costumes and it was really fun and no one else had a costume and that’s it. I really liked mythical Monday because I liked all the costumes and it was just fun in general also I was a Balbasuar anyway bye.

By Jack K. and Nate


By Jeremy

At school 🏫 last week it was Purim and every day we could dress up as a different thing like on Monday it was mythical Monday. I dressed up as a dragon🐉 and so was my friend Oren but he was a green dragon🐉 and I was a blue dragon and I had fun.

By Ari


For Purim we made hamantaschen! And we needed these ingredients eggs, chocolate chips, orange juice, flour, sugar, and we used my auntie Liba’s recipe and my bubbie used that recipe too. 

 By Emma and Jack S.!


                                                              Hebrew Purim Challenge

Hello today I am writing about OJCS and for Purim we did a lot of great games. But there was one really good game that both classes played. It was called the Hebrew Purim Game. What we did was there were groups of two or three people. They got about ten sheets. They had to answer the questions on the sheets (as well as Colour and circle) There had to be one winning team and they would get a prize. At the end to get the prize(of free time) they had to find a picture of המו on the back of the door

By Lyla

                                                                  Purim Carnival

    About the Purim carnival🎡,

 The Purim carnival was so much fun, there were so many stations. 

 My favourite one was Dino dig, how we played, the first person to get 2 eggs first wins. But I’m not writing this just to explain how to play each game besides I don’t even know how to play most of them, I’m writing this so I  can tell you how much fun this was but I just need to tell you how to play one more, OK so this game was also my favorite one it was who can stack the highest tower with plastic cups but it was harder because it was a bit windy so the cups kept falling off the table it was a bit frustrating but still fun. 

by Maia

I liked Purim because the carnival was fun and I got a lollipop from a game called snowball and all the other games were fun here’s an example there was a donut game where they Tie a string to the donut and the string was on a ruler and you close your eyes and try to find the donut and they hold the ruler you try to eat the donut closing your eyes so that was the example bye.

By Jonas

                                             Best of Purim by Gila

                                                                               Origami Frogs

Teaching origami frogs was fun, but hard.  It was hard because everyone was yelling and I had to go from 3a to 3b every single fold, and trust me it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to teach an origami frog. I thought it would be pretty simple for the class to learn, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. When I first started I was 3, but I caught on pretty quickly.  I do practice a lot so that’s one reason why my folds are now so precise. So, if you try to teach origami beware it is very hard! If you want to see some harder origami creations that I made be sure to check out my soon to be published origami blog.

By: Eli

                                                                 Purim Games                                                                   

About the Purim games.

Ok, so now that you know we made Purim games now I need to tell you how we made them in the first place. The one that my group made was made from paper, and our characters were made from paper as well.

But other people made theirs with paper and cardboard. 

In the end, we all played the games, it was a lot of fun. just saying do you like the title? hahaha.

 By Maia

A Purim’s Good Day

Once upon a time there was a little dude in a little thing but he was so kind and nice 👍 and appreciate and he made a beautiful little party 🎉 on Purim day and everyone came it was so fun I called it a Purim carnival 🎡 that’s how fun it was and then I went home 🏡 and started crying 😭 wa wa I wanted to go back to the party 🎊 I started crying again even more wa wa wa wa wa wa wa the end of life ha ha.

By Aviv

On Purim, Jeremy was wearing a tiger costume,  Liam wasn’t wearing anything, Jack was wearing a Bulbasaur costume, Noa was wearing a vampire costume, Nikki was wearing a doctor costume, Samantha was wearing a koala costume, Ari was a Dino, Aviv was Elon Musk, Jonas wasn’t anything, Nate was a hockey player, Livia was Mirabel from Encanto, Ethan was a two of spades, Gila was a computer mouse, Alex was a llama, and Orly was a minion.

By Ethan

I didn’t like Purim because I had too many visitors at home. At school I had fun though and it was spirit week and I didn’t like the origami frog so I turned it into a zombie villager On Purim I also was a koala but people thought I was a mouse. On mythical Monday I was a scarecrow.

By Samantha

 A Purim Poem by Noa

Purim is fun and Haman is bad.

The carnival was well planned and a blast!

I love Purim and hope you do too.

I had so much fun. How about you? 

                                            A Purim video by Re’em

Messages for Ukraine

This past week we have spent some time talking about Ukraine. We wrote poems and messages of support for the people in Ukraine. These messages are now part of a collaborative Google Slides presentation for Ukraine. Jewish schools from around the globe have added to this presentation, and the grade three classes are happy that their work is part of it.





We will also be working on writing a song about Peace for the World Peace Song Project. We hope adults will start listening to what children have to say.

Thursday, March 31st is Dress Down Day, and the Grade 3 classes have chosen to raise money for Ukraine. We are so happy that the whole school will be bringing loonies and toonies in to help support the children of Ukraine.

One of our students has started raising money for Ukraine and she has written about her experience below.

 Student Guest Post 

Hi, again. Lots of people know about what’s happening in Ukraine. Me and my neighbor Mathilda are working on something for Ukraine, let me tell you about it. So we have a rainbow loom shop. If you don’t know what rainbow loom is, let me tell you: rainbow loom is elastics that can turn into a bracelet and lots of other cool things.

Mathilda’s mom posted it online so if someone wants it they can buy it, So far we have 23$ dollars. Since she has spring break I am doing most of the selling. Since she is away I don’t know if we are getting any customers so I am selling things to people who live in my house and are willing to support the cause. My nanny Stefanie didn’t want a bracelet but she would pay 1 dollar. I didn’t want her not to have a choker so I gave it to her for one dollar less. I am working on a big project right now, AND my big project just got bigger. On Wednesday night My dad told me a group of people wanted 25 bracelets between me and Mathilda. My dad thought they would pay 10$ for it all. I went to my mom and she said “A salon wants 25 bracelets between you and Mathilda. They will pay 10$ dollars for one bracelet”. I was amazed. Our first order came so quickly I said “I thought it would take a day or two but our first order came to a couple of hours after we started.” I decided to give them 30 so we will get 30$. On Monday I am delivering to the salon

By Livia


JDAIM Challenge

This year a Grade Three parent inspired me to involve the whole class in the JOIN Challenge for JDAIM month. I thought of a cross-curricular project that would excite and engage all the students.


In Science, we designed and built our STEM structures ( 3D Architectural Models).

Here is a peek at some of our buildings.


In Social Studies we created our own ideal community and made our own maps.




The students decided to create a radio show talking about inclusion and kindness. They wrote and recorded what inclusion and kindness mean to them. They loved recording the radio show so much that I think we will launch our own OJCS News Radio or podcast.

OJCS Radio 3A & 3B  


Here is a presentation Livia and Nikki made.

We didn’t win the JOIN Challenge, but we had so much fun creating the ideal community and recording our radio show. Perhaps the students should pitch their inclusive community to Mayor Jim Watson and some city planners. A teacher can dream!

Special thanks to Yossi for inspiring this project.



WInter Fun Day

Grade 3 enjoyed Winter Fun Day. CBB staff had us all playing lots of fun games in the snow. Who knew how hard it was to kick a soccer ball in the snow? We did obstacle courses and made our own winter mascots. There were amazing inflatable obstacle courses that had us laughing as we ran through them with our friends. We were glad to warm up inside the class and watch a movie at the end of the day.






News from 3A & 3B

The month of November sped by this year. We were so busy learning and developing good work habits that time just flew. Our social studies projects were finished and recorded for our friends in Taiwan and Israel. We hoped they liked learning all about Ontario.

Four students recited the poem, I Dream a World, by Langston Hughes. This video was part of the Remembrance Day Assembly.

The classes also spent Remembrance Day talking about Peace and what it means to them. They wrote peace similes and put all of their work together into an iMovie.

Multiplication was introduced and students loved learning how to multiply through equal groups, arrays, skip counting, and repeated addition. The children who already knew multiplication were challenged with some problem-solving activities.

3B also had fun connecting with a grade 4 class in Tennessee, and playing a mystery number game. 3B taught the game to 3A and had fun with the game during one of our Friday community meets. 3A will be connecting with the same class from Tennessee for a future mystery number game.


In Language Arts, we have been reading the novel Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The classic novel by Richard and Florence Atwater is lots of fun to read and is exposing the students to rich vocabulary.

The students have also been working on their first blog post. It is amazing to see how much the students can write when given the freedom to write about a subject they love. All the students have been engaged and excited to write this way. One boy said, “This is so much fun to write this way”. The topics range from animals to cars, the human body to covid-19. I am so excited to see the students so motivated to write each day. I cannot wait for them to publish their work.

Our plants grew beautifully in class. We only had a few incidents of overwatering and moldy beans. The class took part in a STEM challenge last week to design and build a device that could water the plants. The classes were filled with 8-year-old engineers building and testing their devices. I manned the hot glue gun and made holes with scissors. The students learned to persevere, be patient, adapt their designs, so the watering devices ultimately succeeded. Yes, we had some water on the floor, but the joy on the students’ faces was well worth it!


This week we will be taking part in the Chanukah Door Decorating Challenge, and recording our song for the Chanukah Family Program. We are taking part in a special CBB Ruach experience this Thursday morning.