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Hi, my name is Eitan. I’m writing about my summer camp, YCC. Here are some reasons why I would recommend going here!

YCC has a blob.The blob is something that launches you in the water. The blob is in the lake. 

YCC puts people from different schools in the same bunk. I have made friends from Montreal and Ottawa (that I didn’t know from OJCS). 

YCC has a variety of sports such as wrestling, pickleball, soccer and so much more. My favourite sport at camp is wrestling. There is a big arena / dome / cabin that has mats for wrestling. 

YCC has free seating in the dining hall. That means you get to sit wherever you want. I can sit with people that are not in my bunk. 

At YCC, we have movie nights where you get to stay up late. 

When you arrive at camp, we get pictures taken and you meet your bunk. 

At YCC, you get tuck. Tuck is once or twice a week and you can pick chips or twizzlers for an extra snack! 

You can also bring anything gum related..which includes, mentos, ice breakers, tic tacs, and gum balls. 

I have been at YCC for 2 years. My first year, I did the weekender and last year I was there for 2 weeks. This summer, I am going back for 2 weeks… and maybe stay for 3 weeks if I want. I hope that we get marshmallows at the campfire this summer. 

Here are some pictures.



After reading my recommendation… Would you go to YCC? Comment Below!

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  1. I loved your blog post buddy! I’m so excited you get to return to YCC so soon! I wish I could go!

  2. All the information about what you do at camp was very interesting! It made me feel like I was there.
    I would love to go to camp for grownups! But no wrestling for me 🙂

  3. I loved reading about your time at camp, Eitan! I also went to a camp in Montreal when I was younger, and your post made me remember all my favourite memories! I would definitely go to camp again if I could.
    I hope you have as much fun this year as you’ve had in the past. Is there an activity you haven’t tried yet that you think you might try this year?

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