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Hello, my name is Adam and I am blogger of the week in Grade 3. I found this week a really good experience because everyone worked really well. I felt good being the blogger because I got a chance to write about all the great things we do in class.

Before I get started here is me leading the anthems:

On Monday  we worked in our French folder. In this folder there are crosswords word searches and secret codes.

We are working on a play ( French play) called les animaux du bayou.I love this play it is about a mouse named Susie and it’s her birthday and she  wants to play outside with her friends but they made a surprise party.

I was in a group of 4 and we practiced reading the play. For the first reading attempt, the part I chose was Susie.

Here is a picture of three more groups reading the french play.

In Hebrew we do  tefillah תפילה – this means tefillah in Hebrew. Tefillah is praying to god and singing prayers. Here is a video of tefillah. I am showing yigdal in this video.

Here is someone in my class speaking Hebrew.

In my Hebrew book on page 25 you need to fill in the blanks the options are…יש ,זה, זאת, אלה, שלי, יש לי.

Everyone knows most of the words,but אלה means ‘those’. I am really proud of my work.

Here we find out what work is happening in Hebrew:

Gym is my favourite subject it is so fun. On Monday we played castle ball and it is so fun! There are 3 skills: building and defending and attacking. Here are photos. It was a tie! Two people made a small castle and defended it like nothing!

I’m passionate about taekwondo.I love taekwondo I would like to share that so you might do it to. 

We are reading books. Oh I forgot! The book challenge! Here is a photo to show you. Some people love reading so much. I also love reading so much.

In General studies we’re starting STEAM fair. What is STEAM fair?Science technology engineering art and math. For STEAM fair we are working on some stable structures. Me and my friend are thinking about making cardboard zip line.

On Tuesday we continued with STEAM fair. Here is me and my friend doing work. We have lots of work to do on STEAM fair.

The new blogging group is just about to start.The people in the blogging group are so excited. Here is a video with the 2nd blogging group.

Here is a previous blogger of the week sharing her blog with the class.

The STEAM fair is getting even better because of the structures. We are all making great structures for STEAM fair.

We worked on our structures. We need to make it move 50 cm or 1 m to hold 100 grams.The pairs are really good because they work really good together. Most people have created cars and 1 person has created a zip line. Here is 2 people creating a car they work great together. Here is a video to show you.

In STEAM fair we have fun with the art I am so excited to see others structures.

Mrs. Cleveland can and taught a lesson on patterns, we learned about the core of a pattern, the repeated rule,

Growing /Increasing, shrinking /Decreasing, are keywords. Did you know music is a pattern, doesn’t have to be 2 figures and or just getting higher.

Two people from robotics are explaining ibot 4 square.(4 square for robots)If You stop………YOUR OUT!!! We are so excited to play 4 square. Here are my friends in robotics having fun and excited. My robot went straight at the corners it was so fun.(SO FUN!!!) I like robotics because you’re learning how to program a robot.

In Hebrew, we get homework. Every day we have a yellow folder and get a slip of paper.(Hebrew paper)  all write what the paper says we read what homework we got yesterday. Here is a video to show you.

Translation in Hebrew.

אנחנו בעברית .

בכל יום יש לנו חוברת צהובה ומקבלים פיסת נייר.

There is a Hebrew game called catch question it is my favourite Hebrew game EVER! When someone gets the ball they answer the question Morah Sigal gives us.

We have shinshinim! The Shinshinim are…Liam and Imbar. They teach about Israel. They say a rocket launched to space. It will land on the moon  on April 11th. Today with Liam and Imbar we are playing checkers. I moved 2 and got out everyone is trying to get the flag. Someone put the flag in their shoe.

The next game is a quiz about what we have learnt in class today. You’ll hear in The options why.the options are…sydor,soccer ball,flags,CD,moon view, necklace,Israel, model of a airplane, mazooza.

On Wednesday I was chazan. Chazan is a leader at singing prayers. They also say the way you do the prayers and call the number in Hebrew. The other people follow what The chazan sings what type of way they want to.

In Hebrew we have happy faces and sad faces. If we earn lots of happy faces, this leads to reward time, but sad faces lead to less reward time. I am so happy that I have more happy faces then sad faces. No book takes a little from your free time. Here is a chart with happy and sad faces and what we did so far.

Here is a class photo to show some hard work we have done. A special thing for all of the work we done in English this year.

Mr.R is our elementary music teacher. He taught us about classical music, and did some fun videos.

In the library we have so much fun reading books, someone is reading a book write now. He is probably zoned in.

 In English we are reading “Stone fox”. I think it is a great book.

In computer time, we go on  google docs and create blog post drafts.

Here is a class photo in gym.

With Mrs. Cleveland we are working on patterns in tables.
We are working on grade 5 math!

This is the end but don’t forget… I am Adam. P, Grade 3 blogger of the week!

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    1. thanks Eliezer it was some help from ms.m you should be happy when your blogger of the week I am happy I saw a comment in my blog from someone in grade 3. thankyou Eliezer.

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