Blogger of the week – SACHA!

Hi! I’m Sacha and I’m the blogger of the week. I am going to tell you about what Grade 3 does during the week.

When you sing the anthem your hands have to be on your sides. I lead the anthems this week:

In French class, first we work inside our blue folders that have French word searches and crossword puzzles.

Then we work on a story called La Goutte de pluie that means The Raindrop.

At the beginning of English we read books for 10 minutes.

Sometimes we work in our journals the challenge today was to write 20 lines. Challenge accepted!

We are working on an Ontario project.You pick a partner and a city in Ontario.You and your partner go on an IPad and find facts about your city then you post it on google docs. Once you are finished writing on Google docs you print it out.Then you put it on a folded piece of paper with a map of Ontario on the front but you have to draw a dot where your city is.

This is a video about our class working on the Ontario project:

Some people are presenting their projects, showing their excellent speaking skills.

We have read so many books for the reading challenge.This is a picture of the reading challenge.

On Tuesday me and a few other people go to the Science lab with Ms.Cleveland.This week we are doing increasing patterns.We had to do these triangles with toothpicks

There is a number of figures and a number of toothpicks on this chart.

Today we are practicing a French play called Les animaux du bayou that means The animals in bayou. I am reading the French play.

Now Madam Marléne is reading the play to us.

I was invited to LEGO Robotics. We are using a colour sensor it senses colours. You plug the colour sensor into the robot.Set it to a specific colour and press go you can even say the the colour.robot. Then you have to code the robot.You can make it stop and turn.

Every day we get Hebrew reading homework.We glue the homework in our yellow books and copy the writing in cursive.

Here is our Hebrew book work:

In tefilah there are chazanim they are the leaders of tefillah. Here is a video of one of our prayers called עלינו – aleynoo:

We play a game where Morah Sigal throws a ball at one of us and asks that person a Hebrew question that we have to answer in Hebrew.

On Wednesday it was a snow day. The first one since 1998.I am asking some people what they did during the snow day.

Today we are in the computer lab and making blogs like the one you are reading right now.

Today at gym we are playing Mario Kart.There is a cone circle and we go on scooters around the circle.Once a person on a team goes around the circle they get a Popsicle stick and a dollar bill. 3 dollars you get a bowling pin/banana peel. 5 dollars you get a dodge-ball/turtle.And 10 dollars you get a free push a dodgeball and a bowling pin. IF you bump into a bowling pin or some throws a dodge-ball at you, you go to the middle and roll a dice to see what exercise you have to do.

I am at chess club and this is a video of Alan explaining good moves in chess.(Alan runs chess)

Now we are playing chess.

Our class made a bunch of games like Kahoot,Snakes and ladders,a skit and a word search, showing our new vocabulary we have learnt in Hebrew:

I hope you liked reading my blog and finding out about what we do in Grade 3. Hope you all have a nice February break!


12 Replies to “Blogger of the week – SACHA!”

  1. Well done Sacha! You have created such a wonderful blog post in such a short time frame.
    Have a great week 🙂

    Miss M

  2. This is extremely impressive Sasha! You really documented learning in all ways – including the SNOW DAY!! I loved your blog.

    1. The reason I put on the snow day was because it was so much fun!!! Also thank you so much for a great comment.

  3. What a great blog post Sacha!

    I loved the videos, photos and commentary. I really enjoyed the fact that you documented our Snow Day!

    What did you learn from being a “guest blogger”? Is there anything you learned that will help you as a student? When you get a chance to do it again, what might you do differently?

    Great job!

    1. Thank you for the great comment. I learned that it is not very easy to make a blog ina short time. And next time I would probably put a little bit more detail on my blog.

  4. You wrote alot in three days🖊.I like how you translated most things that are in Hebrew and French.

    1. Thank’s it was very hard but I’m glad I did it. And I used google translate so it wasn’t all me.

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