Grade 3 Blogger of the week – EDEN!

Blogger of the week!

Hi my name is Eden and I am the blogger of the week! I am so excited to tell you about our week!

In grade 3, we start our week with French. A group worked in a separate room with madam Marlene and a group worked in the classroom with Mr P. We were working on new French words.

Here is a video of madam Marlene working with her group. W
e played charades with Madam Marlene.

In gym we were doing stations. We love stations. We added  2 new stations.The new stations were floor hockey and chute boll.

We heard the last blogger of the week’s blog. He did amazing. We loved it. Well done!

On Wednesday we had music. We love music.

We got ready for STEAM fair. Good luck everyone!

Look at our blog post about the STEAM fair to see all of the projects. It was really fun! The parents were happy.

I interviewed the people who made a zip line.

It was so loud in the STEAM project room  and there were so many people in the classroom. It was super exciting.

In Hebrew we practice our reading. It is fun. I like reading. In Hebrew and we got beanbags this week. It is called flexible seating. We love them!
We love to read in English, we are doing really well in the reading challenge: we got 1457 books.

In French, Mr P. took the class to the gym to play French games! It was so fun, first we had to throw a ball into basket then we did an egg and spoon race and finally an obstacle course.

Friday was Crazy hat day, here we are!

In the library we did a workshop about responsibility online. We coloured in a worksheet about self,community and world.

This week I led the class with the anthems

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