Hebrew Homework DUE Tuesday 15th January

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

We are completing a family tree to start delving into where we are from; our roots!

I have attached a copy of the worksheet to fill in. You can fill it in, in Hebrew or English and Morah Sigal will help add in additional Hebrew.


Miss M and Morah Sigal

4 Replies to “Hebrew Homework DUE Tuesday 15th January”

    1. Hi Barbara,

      The attachment is just an image of the worksheet. You can print the image and fill in or just write down the appropriate information and we can fill it in in school. (I will get an electronic version from the class teacher and post in future)

      Alora received a worksheet so it will be in her backpack.

      Let me know if you have any other issues and I will try my best to help.

      Miss M

  1. Please send me a copy of the worksheet via email. There is nothing in her backpack an no images showing up anywhere here.

    Thank you


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