Grade 3 Blogger: Sarah- Amanda AKA Sammie!

Hi i am Sammie, this week i am the blogger of the week.

Every body just came back from winter break so they are a bit tired, but we still had a good week. We have done a lot of fun stuff in gym, English, french and Hebrew.

In gym, we have played a lot of games that we enjoy such as Mario Cart, Spike ball, Cookie Jar, Evolution . Here you can see us playing at our stations class:

We have done a lot of fun math games also.

There is a new blogging group.They have made new blogs and here you can see what some of them look like:

In Hebrew, we are doing a project called ‘Who am I’. Here is a video showing how we did it:

We love library time because it educates us and it is also fun. In these videos we are reading with our reading buddies in Grade 8.

We LOVE Tefillah! We love it because we get to learn the words of the prayers. Each day different students get to be the leaders of Tefillah.

8 Replies to “Grade 3 Blogger: Sarah- Amanda AKA Sammie!”

  1. Mazel tov, Sammie!!
    Well done! This is such a good summary of all the exciting things you are learning and doing in Grade 3….You are so lucky to be going to that school.
    We are so proud of you,
    Savta and Grandpa Mike

  2. Great job, Sammie!
    It’s fun to see the different activities that your class is doing. I want to play spike-ball!

    I guess the Sofie Dossi obsession carries over to school as well, then…


  3. Great work Sammie! You are better at this than most of us grownups 😉 Oh and FYI – my daughter is also obsessed with Sofie Dossi.

  4. You are a wonderful blogger Sammie! I love your first picture. You are very flexible. You must be a dancer!
    Looking forward to seeing more bloggers each week.

    1. Hi It’s Sammie. I don’t go to a dance class but i love to dance. I used to go to a gymnastics class.
      Thank you for reading my blog.

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