Sam’s grade 3 blog of the week!

Here is the latest grade 3 blog of the week. Sam recorded all of our activities and decided to create an iMovie! I am so impressed with his technology skills and how quickly he has learnt everything!

There is most certainly a floor but NO CEILING with grade 3! They are reaching for the stars.

Miss M.


2 Replies to “Sam’s grade 3 blog of the week!”

  1. Great job Sam!

    First of all, wearing a Steph Curry T-shirt is always a bonus!

    I loved you how you interviewed your classmates as part of your video summary of the week. I also loved how you labeled the different activities with captions.

    What was the best part of the experience for you? What did you learn from documenting your week? What would you differently if you had a chance to do it again?

    I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  2. HI it is Sam. My favourite part of the experience was interviewing Madam Marlene because she is retired and is now a substitute teacher and it is great to see her. I learnt everyone has a fun time doing work and playing games. Next time I am the blogger, I would add more detail in the iMovie because i think i missed a few people in our class and they were sad they were not in it.

    Thank you for commenting

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