Fair is not always equal…

Grade 3 pondered this statement today in a learning styles workshop with Mrs Reichstein. We looked at terms such as ‘Auditory’ ‘Visual’ and ‘Kinesthetic’. The students were really interested to find out how they learn best and were shocked to find out that we all learn differently!

A few students gave feedback on the workshop and explained what they learnt in their own words.

4 Replies to “Fair is not always equal…”

  1. Eliezer mentioned this to me when I explained I was going to pour him, his brother, and his sister exactly the same amount of chocolate milk.

    1. It is interesting the way they interpret lessons into real life! Did he manage to persuade you to give him more?

    2. I LOVE IT!! We had a such a great discussion about fair does not mean equal. I love he related that to the chocolate milk. It makes me so happy when the learning that happens in school is reflected into daily living.

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