Emet – Grade 3 blogger of the Week

Hi i’m Emet and i’m the blogger of the week. I like being the blogger of the week but it’s a bit hard to balance classroom activities with blogging.

I’m going to give you a summary of the week.

Here is Sammie presenting her blog to the class and showing us what comments she received. I hope to get lots!

In gym we played stealth and we did stations with Mr Bruno, our sub.

This is Robotics club, it runs at lunchtime. This week we made tech tech – a walking robotic. I really like robotics clubs because you get to make robotics and see them run. I like to program them with the Lego language.

This week in library, Brigitte did a workshop about researching and using keywords.

We did Math problems in General studies. A group of staff came in and asked us questions about how we were solving our math problems.

This is the Kindness tree, lots more people have gotten on the tree. So that must mean that our class are acting much kinder.

This is me and Sacha interviewing each other in French.

This is me interviewing the grade 3 rep for Knesset, Adam.

This is end of my portion of the blog, I hope you like it and I hope can say the say for then next blogger of the week.


9 Replies to “Emet – Grade 3 blogger of the Week”

  1. Great work on being Blogger of the Week Emet! You and your classmates have done an amazing job of sharing with us the highlights of Grade 3 at OJCS. Thank you to Ms. Mellenthin for this wonderful experience for our kids.

    1. Hi, it’s Emet. Thank you for commenting. It was very fun being blogger of the week. We had lots of fun doing this stuff.

  2. Emet, congratulations on being Blogger of the Week!! You did an amazing job.
    My favourite part of your blog is when you explain the Kindness tree because it really demonstrates that we are a community of kindness and that Grade 3 is doing a great job of making sure that is actually happening. I loved your videos and insight into your week. Well done 🙂

    1. Hi it’s Emet. Thank you for sharing your favourite part. Maybe next time I should write about the Kindness tree.

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