Innovation Day

Thanks to all the parents and special guests who joined us this afternoon. Your patience with our technical difficulties is very much appreciated. Here is the movie that I wanted to share before our Kahoot game today. Each student will have their individual video, and pictures posted to their blogfolio.


Innovation Day Wednesday March 24th

You are invited to Innovation Day next Wednesday, March 24th at 2 pm. Please join in virtually to learn about Structures and Forces. We will be playing a game of Are You Smarter Than a Grade 3 Scientist!? Individual projects will be posted on your child’s blogfolio on Innovation Day.

If you are unable to join us at 2 pm please don’t worry. We will be recording the presentation and posting it to the class blog later in the day. All of the projects will be posted on your child’s blogfolio on Innovation Day. You can then enjoy visiting the blogs at night and discussing the projects in the evening.

General Studies Homework

Our homework this week will be online. The students can work on tasks on IXL

They can also make read and comment on the Class Blogfolios. The children are really excited to get comments from their friends and parents. We have talked about making good comments to our classmates. The best part of the practice is that the children are motivated to keep writing, and that just makes me smile.


Kindness and Blogfolios


Kindness has always been an important part of my teaching and my life. I always try to show kindness each day and model it for my students. Teachers always look for ways to help their students show kindness to everyone.

I was lucky enough to attend the worldwide prayer service for Rabbi Bulka last month. It was a beautiful and moving service. The words Rabbi Bulka said about the blessing of kindness, caring, and friendship have stuck with me to this day. The words Rabbi Scher wrote in an email a week later have also stayed with me, ” All of us can do our part to spread kindness in the world”.

The Grade 3 classes are a kind group of students. The students have shown much kindness to their classmates and teachers this year. They have helped each other with work, cheered up those who have needed cheering up, and made each other laugh.

Yesterday we talked about kindness and all the ways we have shown it. We talked about Rabbi Bulka and all the ways he has shown kindness. We talked about the #RabbiBulkaKindnessProject and brainstormed ways that we can show kindness during covid. The children had lots of ideas! We even made an iMovie about kindness.

Morah Sigal and I also have lots of ideas the spread kindness all around. Your children have hopefully come home excited to spread kindness to their family and friends during the February Break. There will be more kindness to come in March.


                                        Student Blogfolios   

We are so excited to announce that we have blogfolios. You will find them listed on the lower right side of this page if you are using a computer. If you are reading this post on a smartphone, the kids’ blog names appear at the very bottom of this blog post by scrolling to the very end.

Please enjoy the posts and leave a comment or two.

It has been wonderful to see the students so motivated and excited about their learning. I have seen such a big difference in the amount of writing produced since students started writing blog posts of their own. They are so engaged and the words just seem to flow. The students have told me how fun it is to write about topics they are passionate about.

The blogfolios will be a place where the students can document their learning. We hope they will receive comments on their posts and they can see that a larger audience, not just their teacher is reading their work. The students in turn will take greater care and put more effort into their work. I am so excited to be on this journey with the students. This is just the beginning of learning adventure in Grade 3. I even wrote two posts on my own blog about launching blogfolios in Grade 4  last year.

Goal Setting in Grade 3

On Wednesday, Marina Milyavskaya, Noa P’s mom, came to talk about goal setting. Marina led an informative session on how to set goals for yourself. She discussed personal and academic goals and fielded many questions from the students. Everyone set a goal for themselves. We talked about obstacles that may arise and specific steps we could take in achieving our goals. We wrote our goals down and learned that this makes us more accountable. The students and I will be revisiting our goals throughout the rest of the school year. Stay tuned to see how we reach our goals.

This amazing workshop is all thanks to Twitter. I replied to a colleague’s Tweet and Marina replied to me. Twitter is wonderful for bringing people together!

Celebrations All Around!

3A and 3B enjoyed the special celebration of the Hebrew language and Tu B’Shevat activities on Thursday. Morah Sigal prepared many meaningful lessons and activities for the students to do throughout the day.

The students made posters, poems and worked on writing Hebrew sentences. Both classes came together to play a Hebrew Kahoot game as well. Monsieur P., the students, and I would like to thank Morah Sigal for planning such a terrific day filled with Ruach.

Grade 3 Update

Here we are at the beginning of the fourth week on Remote Learning. Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience through this online experience. I have tried to make this experience as positive and interactive as possible for all of the students. Sigal and I are in our meets throughout the day to keep the students on track and motivated. I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it has been to navigate work and the children’s school schedules. We can meet with your children 1:1 during the outdoor play period to help them with any work or assignments. Please send us a quick email, or have your child ask for help.

Each week I hope that this will be the last week, and each week I find myself back at the computer. Let’s hope the school reopens soon. I will be sending out a survey to gather feedback about our current schedule. Should we find ourselves in an extended period of remote learning, we welcome any feedback you may have.

                                                                  Student Blogfolios

We are about to launch our student blogfolios this week. I am as excited or possibly even more excited than the children. I know that the students will put more effort into their writing when they know more people will get a chance to read it. It is one thing to write a paragraph or story for the teacher. Writing somehow becomes more important when you share it with a greater audience. Grade 3 writing skills will improve! I have seen this happen with the class I worked with last year.

                                                                  Digital Citizenship
We are continuing our journey to becoming good digital citizens. We are practicing; in Google meets, Google Hangouts, and commenting on blog posts. I am happy to announce that the Grade 3 classes will be creating Public Service Announcements about digital citizenship.

                                                           Global Digcit Impactor Cohort

I am part of a global Digcit Impactor cohort. The purpose of this cohort is to bring educators from around the globe to learn and collaborate with the sole purpose of helping students become good digital citizens. It seems our Livestream presentation in the fall caught the attention of the founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute, Dr. Marialice Curran, and the CEO Belouga, Evin Schwartz. I met with Evin Schwartz in the fall, to talk about the wonderful things we were doing at OJCS.

Fast forward to the present day and I find myself a pilot project spearheaded by these inspiring individuals. For the past three weeks, I have been attending morning conferences and connecting with educators around the globe. We are sharing projects we want to do and ways we all collaborate. Dr. Marialice has been coaching me and she will come to coach our class one day soon on being good digital citizens. I am excited because even young students can become leaders and make a difference in the world. Our Public Service Announcements will hopefully include Hebrew, English, and French. These announcements will be seen by a worldwide audience. GO OJCS!