Student Blog: YCC

Hi, my name is Eitan. I’m writing about my summer camp, YCC. Here are some reasons why I would recommend going here!

YCC has a blob.The blob is something that launches you in the water. The blob is in the lake. 

YCC puts people from different schools in the same bunk. I have made friends from Montreal and Ottawa (that I didn’t know from OJCS). 

YCC has a variety of sports such as wrestling, pickleball, soccer and so much more. My favourite sport at camp is wrestling. There is a big arena / dome / cabin that has mats for wrestling. 

YCC has free seating in the dining hall. That means you get to sit wherever you want. I can sit with people that are not in my bunk. 

At YCC, we have movie nights where you get to stay up late. 

When you arrive at camp, we get pictures taken and you meet your bunk. 

At YCC, you get tuck. Tuck is once or twice a week and you can pick chips or twizzlers for an extra snack! 

You can also bring anything gum related..which includes, mentos, ice breakers, tic tacs, and gum balls. 

I have been at YCC for 2 years. My first year, I did the weekender and last year I was there for 2 weeks. This summer, I am going back for 2 weeks… and maybe stay for 3 weeks if I want. I hope that we get marshmallows at the campfire this summer. 

Here are some pictures.



After reading my recommendation… Would you go to YCC? Comment Below!

Time for a Little SNOW and Tell

Hello 3B Families,

I’d like to start by saying that even when I ditched my coat in March and was wearing short sleeves, I continued to remind everyone that we would get another dump of snow… and here we are!
With the snow falling, it felt like a great time to brush off this pun and give you a quick little SNOW and tell!

In no particular order, here are a few class updates!

We absolutely loved having you visit our classroom on Innovation Day! All of the structures that the students built were so incredibly strong. It’s impressive to see what these students can do with just newspaper and tape!


In Math, we have been focusing on our multiplication. We love to find ways to play games in Math class! Most recently, we have been playing Cardio-Math (where two teams race to the board to solve a wheel of Math problems) and Multiplication Face Offs (where you work with a partner and each flip one card at a time to create a multiplication problem). It’s hard to believe it with today’s weather… but just 2 weeks ago, we were outside doing Multiplication with chalk!


This week we participated in part one of a two part workshop with Miss Brigitte in order to develop our research skills. This week’s focus was all about using keywords when using search engines. We were able to practice these skills hands-on with our classroom iPads and a series of research questions presented by Miss Brigitte. 


The students were reminded about – a child friendly search engine!


In Language Arts, we have been working very hard throughout the term on our Novel Study! We have been enjoying our books through partner reading, small group reading, and independent reading time! We will be wrapping up our Novel Study shortly and shifting into a seriously cool mythology unit! Morah Lianna has already connected with Morah Dina about cross-curricular art projects…. stay tuned!


Lastly, something to look forward to…
In Social Studies, we will be learning about timelines / sorting events chronologically. We will be kicking off this unit with a mini assignment of creating a personal timeline. This is always a fun activity for the students and I always enjoy hearing about what life events my students choose to highlight! (My example always includes chopping all of my hair of the week before I started school!).

We love when we know that you visit our classroom blog! Please feel free to leave a comment below!

April BINGO (& A Real Homework Update)

Hello Grade 3 Families,

Below you will find the April BINGO board. You will notice that it is much shorter than normal. This is to account for a shorter month (yay for Passover!) AND some additional non-BINGO homework. As noted on the BINGO board, we will be sending home some personalized Math and Language Arts homework to target specific concepts, areas of need, and to potentially work through our class novel study.
As always, please reach out should you have any questions!

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**NOTE*** The article in the first BINGO box is not linking properly. Please view it here!

This document is in everyone’s homework duotang, but we wanted to share it here as well!

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General Studies Homework Update

we Are Publishing this blog post to infoRm you know that we have decIded to canceL all general studies homework For the rest Of the schOoL year!


Can you crack the code?

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

A new April BINGO board will be distributed this week! Please make sure all March boards and duotangs are brought to school tomorrow to be handed in!

Toothpicks, Marshmallows, Newspaper, Oh My!

We have jumped right into our Strong and Stable Structures unit in preparation for Innovation Day!

We worked with Marshmallows and Toothpicks to learn about strong shapes and building strong structures!


We have taken the information we learned from this activity and applied it to the designing and building of newspaper bridges!



Will the bridges be able to hold up THREE heavy textbooks!?
We look forward to sharing our projects with you on Wednesday morning!
Please join us in the classroom at 9:00AM on Wednesday, March 20!


Hi Grade 3 Families,

In preparation for Purim, the carnival leaders are asking for gently used toys to give away as prizes. Do some spring cleaning and send us your tchachkas!

Ruach Week is Coming! Please see the posters below for the theme days! For Monday, March 25th, Grade 3 has decided to dress up like different apps! It can be apps that already exist (Whatsapp, Google Photos, Facebook, etc!) or a brand new, made up app! Get creative! If your child needs any assistance thinking of an idea, please let us know so we can help brainstorm! *please note, the costumes need to be put together at home – we will not be using class time to make the costumes*