Grade 3 Science investigators!

This week has been busy with scientific experiments (amongst other things!) We are almost finished our plants module and are ready to jump right into soil investigations (You would be amazed at home interesting and intriguing soil can be!) We will also be starting to look into structures and beginning to build.

We started with examining our  bean seed to see if they had sprouted or not – our guiding question was ‘Do seeds need soil to germinate?’. Some students had beans that had sprouted and some not yet. We questioned why that could have happened, answers ranged from how much light, how much water even the quality of the bean. We used magnifying lenses to inspect the seed and what had sprouted.


Students then replanted their bean sprout to see what happens next. They have the responsibility of keeping their plant alive and ensuring it has everything it needs. Once our beans have produced stalk, we will begin our Structures module and get ready to build a self sufficient watering device (get ready for the post about bringing in as many clean recycled items as you can… your garbage recycling team will be happy… The corner of my classroom… not so much!)


The next experiment involved looking into the stalk make up of a celery plant. The celery plant is different to other plants and we looked in to how its stem and cell make up was different. The experiment used our knowledge of a plants water needs. We added food colouring to the water and will be documenting what happens to the stem and the leaves.


Our food colouring has reached the edges of the Celery plant!

General Studies Homework (November 6th 2019) Due November 13th 2019

There will be no set homework this week due to the CAT-4 testing.

I will post optional homework below. Choose one task:

Recapping multiplication in a fun and different way – click here!

Challenge yourself with word problems – Click here!

Find an topic you are interested in and read about it for 20 minutes. Make some notes and share with me next week.

Create a review of a book you have read (this will go towards the reading challenge!) – Click here for a scaffold of a review!

All students will receive a hard copy of the homework they choose. If additional is wanted/needed click the links above.

*Reading is not a set piece of homework as it is expected at at least 20 minutes of reading is ENJOYED per night.

Any issues or questions about homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss M (

Scholastic Reading Club


Order Due Date – November 19th 2019

Dear Grade 3 parents,

This month’s Scholastic Reading Club flyers are now available! Please take a few moments to explore the selection together and let your child help choose books he or she is excited to read. When children choose their own books to read for pleasure, they enjoy reading more and spend more time doing it!
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Once you’ve made your selections, there are two ways to order:
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Return the paper order form to me with a cheque made out to Scholastic Canada.

Please submit your order to me by November 19th 2019

Thank you for supporting your child’s reading success both at home and in the classroom!

Miss Mellenthin
PS: Please let me know if your order includes a gift for your child, and I will contact you when it arrives!

Our week in Grade 3!

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

It has been a few weeks since I posted an update of what been happening the Grade 3 classroom. So we started the week as Scientists…by Wednesday we were Data analysts and by Friday we were Google Docs experts (almost!)

Our current science module on Plants is ‘growing’ well! We investigated what happens to plants outside in the Fall season. We took our clipboards and magnifying glasses to the school garden and used our knowledge on photosynthesis to see why some plants were slowly turning into compost.

After, we started out bean plant experiment, our guiding question was ‘Do plants need soil to sprout?’. New scientific vocabulary was introduced when we built a hypothesis and added our procedure. We are currently documenting out bean growth and will update you on whether our hypothesis was correct.

We started a new module in Math : Data management. Building on our Math homework of looking into the language of math, we were introduced to new words such as; classify and interpret. We will be learning about collecting data and how to display the data through; Venn diagrams, Tally, pictograms, bar charts and double bar charts. Eventually we will bring our data to a conclusion and interpret what it means.

Structured Word Inquiry is in full flow in our classroom. We have been sorting and classifying prefix, base and suffix to build new and old words alike. We have also started our etymology research into where the prefix, base and suffix have originated from.

Our blogging challenge this week is linked to images online and what we can and cannot use with and without permission. Sites such as unsplash are excellent because copyright permission has been given and we are free to use. We also received our login  details to our school google accounts. We will be starting to explore google docs and google slides. We will be continuing our ‘personal interest projects’ but in a google doc so you can view from home all the amazing work.

November is also going to be our Grade 3 Kindness Month. We will be continuing to speak about kindness and what small things we can do to help each other out and brightening each others days as the greyness of November sets in! Watch this space for how Grade 3 will spread kindness throughout OJCS!

Blogging Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the Blogging Challenge came with the focus of commenting. As a class, we discussed what a comment is, why is commenting important (or is it not important?), what comment can give (to the author of the blog), what is it’s purpose?

We also looked into the negative aspects of commenting and opened up a conversation around ‘trolling’. This part of the commenting learning curve will be re-visited through our digital footprint workshop with Miss Brigitte.

Here are the Grade 3’s in action, creating their first written comments on the class paper blogs. The next step for the class will be to review the comments as we open up the next part of the conversation around quality comments and the creation of our class commenting rules:


A (short) week in Grade 3!

This week started with a big leap into digital citizenship and continuing to learn about the safety of being online, we delved into what a digital footprint is (this will be explored deeper through a focused workshop with Miss Brigitte) and how we can be present online without putting ourselves at risk…. enter avatar!

As a part of our blogging challenge (see my previous post) we have created an avatar to represent each person in the class and short bio to go alongside. This bio includes our avatar name and some interesting facts about ourselves. Students learn about the types information you should/can share online and what you definitely shouldn’t. I am proud to say how knowledgeable Grade 3 about the way they conduct themselves online (Thank you Morah Ann-Lynn!) See our blogging challenge post to check out the avatars.

Show N Tell has been happening this week and will continue next week. All subjects had to create a description using adjectives, verbs, similes and alliteration! I have super impressed with all preparation, the amazing items and stories that came along too. The cutest being Tehila bringing in her new baby sister (with mum!) Here are a few in action!

We also have started to challenge ourselves in Math, not only continuing our knowledge about patterning and sequence but Ms Cleveland introduced us to T-charts. Using math cubes, we created out own and had to show the increasing pattern in a chart. once we were confident we re-cap our knowledge in a flip grid.

We also continued to develop our abstract thinking through open ended inquiry questions. This is a difficult skill and requires out of the box thinking…

Our Pumpkin Run took up most of Thursday – what a beautiful fall day to be outdoors!

Finally Friday was our Grade 3 Knesset representative vote. Congratulations to you who won and the 2nd in command(this person steps in when the rep is unable to attend) You will be an awesome Knesset member! Well done to all who entered to race – I loved your enthusiasm and ruach in preparation!


Our week in Grade 3!

This week, we have been developing our knowledge about Plants by learning about Photosynthesis and increasing curiosity by the make up of cells on a leaf…

We also looked in inquiry based questioning and not simply accepting the information presented to us. We are investigators in the making!

Continuing with our personal interest research project, paper blogs are starting to look incredible! The class have learned about positions of titles, subtitles (what is a subtitle? What is the point of it?) the importance of media in a variety of forms to make sure our audience is engaged. Some have been completed and displayed in our hallway. The next stage of commenting and feedback is always interesting.


Structure word inquiry has been become a hot topic this week! From Prefix, to suffix, trigraphs and digraph, Phoneme to Grapheme… we have been busy! Developing new vocabulary is a way to open up new curiosities and independence in learning. I am super excited to see how and where we go with this!

In our novel study of Roald Dahl’s The Twits, students have been practising speaking and listening skills when given discussion prompts. We use the Think, Pair, Share model in class which helps develop independent thinking, paired collaboration thinking and then class discussion. The prompts were linked to kindness and positivity and whether a persons outside appearance matters as much as the inside personality.

Linking finally into  a discussion about Aseret Yimei Teshuva. Grade 3 have shared their thoughts on choosing a more positive path and what asking for forgiveness means to them. They each selected a quotation and wrote what it means for them.

Grade 3 have set a challenge for themselves in which they will spent an hour  during the day  where they will focuses on positive speech and not focus on Lashon Hararh (gossip) . The goal is between Friday October 4 until the end of the Jewish Month of Tishrei,  every day (including weekends) for one hour we will focus on positive speech. We will celebrate this accomplishment at our first Rosh Chodesh Celebration.

Grade 3 have decided to dedicate this time to their Phys Ed lessons. The class suggested this is where they are the least kind and least positive because they ‘get caught up in the game’. I was really proud of the challenge they set as they are thinking about a time which specific positivity is needed. The days when they don’t have Phys Ed, they begin their morning with an hour of positive speech.

And that is all for this week, have a great weekend!

Miss M