General Studies Homework (November 6th 2019) Due November 13th 2019

There will be no set homework this week due to the CAT-4 testing.

I will post optional homework below. Choose one task:

Recapping multiplication in a fun and different way – click here!

Challenge yourself with word problems – Click here!

Find an topic you are interested in and read about it for 20 minutes. Make some notes and share with me next week.

Create a review of a book you have read (this will go towards the reading challenge!) – Click here for a scaffold of a review!

All students will receive a hard copy of the homework they choose. If additional is wanted/needed click the links above.

*Reading is not a set piece of homework as it is expected at at least 20 minutes of reading is ENJOYED per night.

Any issues or questions about homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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