Grandparents and Special Friend’s day!

The Grade 3 team had so much fun last week welcoming grandparents and special friends into our classroom. Here are a few snaps from our rooms and of the beautiful Art show (Thank you Morah Shira!)

I would like to extend a huge thank you, to all grandparents and special friends who were able to attend, for being such amazing support for the Grade 3 class… it means so much to them.

Check out Joel’s blog to find out what each station was about:

Donations for Kosher Food Bank

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

As Shavuot approaches we will be collecting non-perishable foods/goods to donate to the Kosher Food Bank. We ask that you try to donate generously. There will be a box outside of the chapel to drop any items in before/after school. Grade 5 will also be coming around to remind students.

Any of the following items would be happily received:

  • Pasta (canned or dried)
  • Protein alternatives (Peanut butter, Soy products, nuts)
  • Canned goods (stews, soups, beans)
  • Dried goods
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Bathroom tissues and diapers

Thank you for all your support,

The Grade 3 Team.



Hi I am Joel, the Grade 3 blogger of the week.

Grandparents and special friends day

On Monday it was Grandparents Day. This is where grandparents and special friends come and do class with us. There was an art show too. We are split up into different rooms, my room was the cafeteria and we have to solve the Hebrew puzzles. We have different partners. My partner is my dad. We did very good work together. I love my dad.

Our next station is bingo, and I got a bingo. We had to hear morah Sigal says the words and we have to look at our cards and see if we have it or not.

Our next next station is making a chamsa – the helping hand. We first had is to grab half of the hand and cut it out. Next we had to take a paper and glue on the chamsa

Here is a funny pic of Benny with his huge Watermelon!

Science and technology with Mr Ray

In class we watched a video of Israel’s population. Then we played on the IPad a game called co.spaces. We have to make a city on the Moon. It is so cool! I can’t wait to do it again.


In Hebrew we are working on our houses, this is my house. This is the last day to do it. I love my house.


In General studies, we heard watched last week’s blogger present. Then we had to write ten lines in ten minutes. Then we presented our public speaking speeches. We then had time to do quiet reading.


On Tuesday we read books. Then I led the anthems and we also listen to Mrs.Gordon about being supportive. We read literary books about why should we have windmills near the park why not. After we counted the books we read for the reading challenge.


We go to the computer lab to do documents and finish blog posts. After I played a video game called vex it was so fun and there was a funny part when I tried to jump to a locked act and it was so funny.


We are about to go to the Library here is a Pic Collage of different books. We are doing a project called book in a bag it’s about you have book and you describe it.


In gym we play four corner capture the flag. There are teams of five and we have to get six bean bags and your team has to steal the bean bags.


We are learning about fractions. We also had a turn on the smart board to write the fractions. That was really fun!


We are finishing our vegetable worksheet today. After we read our French play called les animaux du bayou.


We are playing a game when morah Sigal throws a ball to someone. Two people had a turn and morah Sigal did a funny catch! We do our homework writing.


In Hebrew we did our homework writing then we did T’filah here is a video.

After T’filah we had snack my snack. I had goldfish crackers for snack.
My favourite snack is seesaw crackers.

Then we had Torah writing and my partner was Adam.We did a section all alone!

At recess my favourite thing to at recess is … Beyblades!

So during English miss M was Mrs Bennett today! We did some math stations my partners were Adam,Sam,and Zoe.
My favourite station was Zap Zut but everything was fun.

For music Mr R was hilarious today he did improv for about three minutes. We played freeze dance at the end of music it was so so fun.



Miss M was Mrs Bennett again today. Mrs Bennett was at a Math conference. We did Math jeopardy which was fun. It was word problems using addition, subtraction, time, division and multiplication. Then we started a new creative writing project making our own fables.

We went to Hillel Lodge with Morah Sigal and we did baking with the residents.


We did T’filah and then we ate snack recess time!
We did group work with Morah Batya
Then we got to eat our baking form Hillel Lodge! It was so yummy!


In French we read about three teens going to Vancouver then we did not have enough time to play a game. I love French!

We started to make our own fables with Miss M and some people presented their ‘magical day’ piece of writing.
We got so many happy faces this week we got free time at the end of the day! I played with my friends.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post about Grade 3 and enjoyed all the fun things we do!

Lily – blogger of the week!

Hi I’m Lily and I am the grade 3 blogger of the week! Let me show you what we do in a week!


In gym, we play four corner soccer. Let me tell you how you play, you get split into four groups and you each get a number and when Mr Ray calls your number you try to score on your opponents nets! It’s really fun!

In Hebrew class we had תפילא We sing very good. We are singing Matovoo.

We are a part of the Great Canadian Mail race and we sent our letters.

There is a mystery assembly at the end of the day. We are at a assembly for colour wore we are going to know what team were on we are so excited!


Today, we are doing the anthems I am leading it.

In English we are having reading time. We love to read, we are really good at it.

e are writing our speech for public speaking we can’t wait to present it to the class!

We love our creative time. Here is a piece of creative writing.

In math class, we were measuring items in the class that was the write measurement it was fun.

In French class, we are playing a game were you’re in a group and you have to write down French words, that is in the category and the word can’t be written on someone’s page. It is a hard challenge. We also coloured in our background for the French play.


With Shannon we had a Clue party! It’s where we play Clue with popcorn it’s really fun. I love it! The winner was Shannon.

In music, Rene played songs with us on his guitar. We talked about lyrics, verses and chorus.

Then in French class, we are doing le menu de la Corneille.


Today we had a carnival for Israel’s birthday it was fun there was so much things to do here is a video of the flag show it is very cool!

In the carnival there was stations, this is the LEGO station it was fun you get to build stuff!


In art class, we are colouring in our folders, they are called portfolios, to put are art in for our art show. We love art. We are very good at it.

In Mrs Bennett’s class we have a kindness tree. If you are kind your name goes on the kindness tree. The boys got kindness hearts for protecting the worms outside. Today, we are practising our public speaking to the class. I can’t wait!

Grade 3 Trip information and Consent forms

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

We have an exciting trip booked to MacSkimming on Monday May 27th 2019. All students will be sent home with a consent letter which needs to be returned by Monday May 11th 2019. I have also attached a copy of the form in this post so if for whatever reason the letter goes missing, a copy is available here for you.

Copy of letter

Any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask,

Miss M



Hi I’m Jack and I am the Grade 3 blogger of the week! Let me show a week in the life of Grade 3.

In Hebrew it’s our first time back from the break. We are going to start with reading. And when we’re done reading we write a paragraph in Hebrew. Here is a little Picollage.

After gym we are going to work in our blue book with Morah Batya. I’m on page 35. We are going to read page 31-32.

Now we’re in gym we are playing two games I only played one game because I was blogging about class. It was fun to do that in class!  First we played volleyball four square. Then we played like dodgeball soccer with hockey nets and cones.


We are in Hebrew and we are doing T’filah. Then in Hebrew we’re doing our houses project. This is mine.

We are in English we are going to start with reading. Now we are going to do math with a ruler you have to find something as big as 5 cm -10 cm   -15cm -20cm  -25cm  -30cm  



Let’s start the day with English. Let’s do anthems.

We got a letter from a Penpal someone sent a letter from were ever in Canada they ask  questions we have to send a letter back here is a PicCollage

We are going to the library to read look.  The head of the library is Brigitte she is holding a lot of different books.

In gym we played tugboat. So you are a ship or a boat. The ship has to throw a dodgeball at the boat there is a pilon on the boat you have to hit it when your pilon falls of your boat you turn into a protector you try to protect the boat picollage time.

Math time! We are doing a math sheet with a meter stick and a ruler.  My partner is Georgia. It was hard!

French time! We are getting a new homework booklet we are getting homework. French was quick today.

I was leader in t’fila

Hebrew time. Reading and writing again. We are going to the chapel to see what the shinshinim put up for yom hashoah.


Hebrew first. Same thing as all the other days, practising our reading and writing. Ok done we are going to switch to T’filah. I do reading with Skip look.

Now we are working in our yellow book to do some questions. English time we are going to do reading for ten minutes. Oh yeah Sam and Eliezer and Adam just got back from Israel I’m going to interview them.

Done let’s go to music with Mr R. We are back in English to go to the computer lab.

Done! Let’s move on to French. Mr P read us a French story. We are going to work in a worksheet about the book. We will have a book to help us.


Remember our pen pals today we are going to send the letter.

>Hebrew time. Reading and writing again. Ok now let’s do T’filah. Done. The shinshinim are coming to our class to do activity’s. About Yom hashoah.


On fridays we start with Hebrew. We did T’filah and our leaders were lily emet cm and Eliezer. We also watched a presentation from Eliezer about his trip to Israel. I thought it was funny because there were some funny pictures.

I love fridays because we have art. Art is one of my favourite lessons! We were getting ready for the art show in 2 weeks.

In French, we made recipes for our healthy eating work (but some people added candy!) then we colour the background for our French play. It is called Les animaux de Bayou. My character in the play is Louis la grenouille.

At the end of the day Miss M and I are putting my blog together! HOPE YOU ENJOY!


Grade 3 Seder

Grade 3 did an amazing job with their Seder! We are so proud of the whole class!

A beautiful morning with wonderfully enthusiastic singing, well-rehearsed acting and a fantastic use of English and Hebrew.

They also performed their play to the residents of Hillel Lodge.

פֹּה אֲנַחְנוּ מְסַפְּרִים אֶת הַסִּפּוּר

.אֲנַחְנוּ קוֹרְאִים בְּעִבְרִית וּמַסְבִּירִים עַל מֹשֶׁה, פַּרְעֹה וְיוֹסֵף

פֹּה אֲנַחְנוּ שָׁרִים שִׁירִים שֶׁל פָּסֵחַ

Blogger of the Week – BENNY!

Hi my name is Benny and I am blogger of the week!

In French we do the blue book when you’re finished all the work in class. You make a wordsearch in French with all the new words you have learnt. In the morning when we have french we always do the blue book. It can also be fun sometimes.

In Hebrew, we do the word of the day it’s when people pick a new word for the class. In the morning we bring in our homework and write out the Hebrew to practise our writing. Then the teacher calls people to read. In Hebrew we do the Sefer בעברית.

In gym, we do Mario kart.  You are on a scooter and every lap you get a fake dollar bill and a popsicle stick with your dollar bills you can buy stuff.If you get$ 3 you can buy a pylon if you bump into it you go to the middle you roll a dice whatever number you get you do the thing. If you have $ 5 you can get a dodgeball or turtle. If you have $10 you can get a push dodgeball and pylon. It is so much fun!

Look at the words we made with our popsicle sticks!

In general studies when we come in we read a book quitely. We love to read and our Reading Challenge is going so well!

This week in math, we practised time. In the game, we made our own watch and set the time. We then had to write all the names in the class. Then the music started! We danced until it stopped and then you had to read the time of the person closest to you! It was fun! If you get it right you write it down but if you get it wrong you dance away and come back later to try again.

This is the class doing the anthems. Today I was the lead!

Miss M did a creative writing activity with us using our imagination and the best adjectives we could think of. We made our own fantastic beast. Here is someone who is presenting his creature. You make your own beast. On the other side of the page you answer questions how you can tame it what’s its power. 

This is Olivia doing her blog she was talking about the shinshinim. She was blogger of the week.

Here is Eden presenting her penguin research.

Reading buddies I love reading buddies because you get to have a buddie and read and I love to read.

I love T’filah it’s one of my favourite part of Hebrew.

This is music one of my favourite subjects yesterday we were learning about the blues.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Week of Ruach!

Hi grade 3 and grade 3 parents,

Below is the exciting schedule leading up to Purim. It begins the week starting Monday March 18th 2019, I am posting now so to give you as much time as possible to prepare.

Monday – Dress as your favourite book or movie character.

Tuesday – Dress in your most summer-tatstic clothes… shorts, sandles, t-shirts (make sure you bring in warmer clothes in case you get cold during the day!)

Wednesday – Dress as the job you want when you get older… (Mmmmm, Miss M is thinking if it is possible to still get into Hogwarts and become the world famous wand-maker she has always dreamed of being!?)

Thursday – PURIM! Come in your costume for Purim 🙂

Friday – PJ day! Don’t forget your slippers and teddy bear!

Grade 3’s got spirit, yes we do! Grade 3’s go spirit, HOW ABOUT YOU!?