A (short) week in Grade 3!

This week started with a big leap into digital citizenship and continuing to learn about the safety of being online, we delved into what a digital footprint is (this will be explored deeper through a focused workshop with Miss Brigitte) and how we can be present online without putting ourselves at risk…. enter avatar!

As a part of our blogging challenge (see my previous post) we have created an avatar to represent each person in the class and short bio to go alongside. This bio includes our avatar name and some interesting facts about ourselves. Students learn about the types information you should/can share online and what you definitely shouldn’t. I am proud to say how knowledgeable Grade 3 about the way they conduct themselves online (Thank you Morah Ann-Lynn!) See our blogging challenge post to check out the avatars.

Show N Tell has been happening this week and will continue next week. All subjects had to create a description using adjectives, verbs, similes and alliteration! I have super impressed with all preparation, the amazing items and stories that came along too. The cutest being Tehila bringing in her new baby sister (with mum!) Here are a few in action!

We also have started to challenge ourselves in Math, not only continuing our knowledge about patterning and sequence but Ms Cleveland introduced us to T-charts. Using math cubes, we created out own and had to show the increasing pattern in a chart. once we were confident we re-cap our knowledge in a flip grid.

We also continued to develop our abstract thinking through open ended inquiry questions. This is a difficult skill and requires out of the box thinking…

Our Pumpkin Run took up most of Thursday – what a beautiful fall day to be outdoors!

Finally Friday was our Grade 3 Knesset representative vote. Congratulations to you who won and the 2nd in command(this person steps in when the rep is unable to attend) You will be an awesome Knesset member! Well done to all who entered to race – I loved your enthusiasm and ruach in preparation!


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