Blogger of the Week – Meadow!

(Some of our students have chosen to create avatars so to protect their identity – a choice made after a media literacy lesson on global footprints!)

Hello, my name is Meadow and I am going to be documenting our grade 3 class. We are continuing our structures you might have seen the other blog that mentioned our structures.

Here are some of our structures everyone’s working so hard! Here is some of our materials:

  • Straws 
  • Hot glue 
  • Tape
  • Popsicle sticks 


It’s time for Hebrew! We started by handing in our homework then we wrote the schedule on the board. We started a project in Hebrew here are some photos of it.

We started a special homework system that we get every Friday it includes a word search.

It’s time for French. We are working on a word search!

Everyone is doing a great job everyone loves this harry potter word search!


It’s time for math class and today we are catching up on our blue folder.

Now we are going to go to the library to look up famous landmarks for our science project. We are trying to research information about our structure. 

Library time is so much fun! The library is a great place to go for some alone time.


We are working on our project again! We have lots of questions about each other.

We are all really hungry and it’s almost lunch. 

Now we have the shinshinim. The theme is Israeli music 🎼! here are some pics.

This is a really great game and it’s so fun to play. We also listen to songs from different Israeli artists. We love this game and it’s so fun! It’s also fun to watch.

It’s time for english we are starting a new section of poetry. We are going to be making our own poem. It’s going to be a little bit tricky but we all like a little challenge. We are brainstorming about poetry like not all pieces of poetry reim. We are very excited to be doing this new section.

Now it’s time for French we our watching a kids united video. We are also doing a little work on a new booklet and here’s some pics.


Now it’s time for music. We are learning to play different songs.

Now it’s time for Hebrew we are now learning a New tefila and we are going to be playing a Kahoot! game and it’s in Hebrew.

We get to work on the whiteboard to practise our math!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

By Meadow!

General studies homework Due January 29th 2020

Good Morning grade 3 and grade 3 parents!

Here are the homework choices this week:

We have started out new math unit ‘adding and subtracting greater numbers’ (2 digit and 3 digit). Here is the work sheet:

Here is the Language arts homework choice – describing a character using adjectives and verbs.

Reading is not a part of the 3o minutes a night homework for grade 3 so I would love to see and hear about all the ‘extra’ reading you have been doing at home.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss M

Term 2 – General studies Curriculum overview

Good Morning Grade 3 parents!

I cannot believe we into our third week back already! It will be February break before we know it!

As I mentioned back in September I would be sharing General Studies Curriculum overview each term. This document shows what skill areas we will be focusing on this term in each strand of Language Arts and then each subject: Math, Science and Social Studies.

Again as I mentioned in September about Term 1 overview, this is an overview which can be subject to change depending on outside influences or events needing extra attention. That does not mean areas will be missed, moved around.

Our weekly homework will be linked to areas we are focused on in class. The same applies for the weekly math quiz. You and your child will be notified about the focus of the quiz and the math homework will match that. is also an excellent place to review and revise math skills. IF you have not already done so you can link up to your child’s account and receive updates. If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Miss M


Innovation Day – March 5th 2020

Good Morning Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents!

As you may or may not know, each year at the OJCS we hold a day to celebrate all things science/math/engineering/imaginative/technology – this has come in the form of a STEAM/STEM fair with the Middle school students planning and creating something of scientific interest to them and then presenting to judges. The elementary school planning and creating in their classrooms and parents coming to see.

This year, the wonderful Mr Ray has planned Innovation Day. We, as elementary science teachers, had a meeting to discuss and be introduced to the new Makerspace (and all of its potential!) and how we can use it in preparation for Innovation Day. The idea behind Innovation Day is so students can explore areas of science, engineering and math that are of interest to them.

I introduced the idea to the grade 3 class yesterday and WOW were they excited and ready to go! We have been learning about structures – strong and stable in Science; what a strong and stable structure needs from base/foundations to what shapes hold the most weight and what materials are the most stable and durable to work with. Our Innovation Day project will consist of students selecting a famous landmark, researching the real structure (this is a part of our social studies work) using our math measurement and geometry skills to look at height, weight, scale of their structure and ensure it is free standing. The structure must also be able to hold weights ranging from 100g-500g. This is a cross curricular project in which all areas of General Studies are included.

Some students have expressed an interest in working on this at home as well as in school, that is fine with me. But please note, there is no pressure on you at home to create or buy supplies. This is an in class project which students will be given ample time to produce.

As parents and grandparents, you be invited into our grade 3 classroom in the morning (9am-10am) of March 5th 2020 to come and see the projects.

If you have any questions linked to this, please do not hesitate to ask,

Miss M

Blogger of the week – Tehila!

Hi I am tehila and I am the grade 3 blogger of the week.

This week I am going to show you what we do in our school.

Monday we all made our own bridges and supporting them in general studies.

We all worked very hard on them.did you know we all learned that triangles are the best shape to build with!

It’s עברית today we are doing a secret project on our friend.

We were doing our work and now it’s תפילה.


Now it’s Gym time we are doing basketball 🏀 this week.Today we are playing a game to help with our shooting skills and some people are playing bump. Here are some photos.

That’s our Gym.

Tuesday we do French.

  • Cahier de devoir


  • Histoire:blanche neige 


  • Une journée d’activités 


  • Collection 

That is our schedule for French.

Here is our teacher .

Now it’s story time.

We are reading the book :Blanche neige.

It was a great book.

I loved it.

It’s general studies.

We are doing math.

We are looking at the perimeter of shapes and then building them.

Now it’s library and we are reading independently.

People are reading and some are reading in groups.

Here’s some pics.

Now it’s Gym today we are playing half soccer ⚽️ and half basketball 🏀 and half are some photos.

Wednesday we review are knowledge on urban and rural areas. Now we are filling out our paperwork and some of us are reading . Here are some pics.

Now it’s computers. Now we work on our own blogs .There all different and unique.Here is a photo.

It’s Hebrew here’s our schedule.

  • חומש עמודים 12 11 
  • שיחה שיעורי בית
  • תפילה
  • מי אני

We are working on our books so here’s some pics.

It’s the last Gym of the week and today we are playing Sharks and’s some photos:


Now it’s Thursday first we have French we’re listening to a song and then we’re playing a game on the song.l loved the song.

Now it’s music. We play the recorder. We are learning about the different notes.

Here’s a video of our class playing.

Now it’s Friday and first we have art and today we are making a koala 🐨.Here is some photos.

Now it’s French. Now we are watching the movie 🎥 patinton on the smartboard.Here is a photo .

Here is the word of week from Hebrew class:

Thanks for reading my blog! Please leave a comment!


General studies homework – Due January 22nd 2020

Welcome back Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents!

This week the homework options are Math practise – perimeter: Sheet one and Sheet two


Structures worksheet – noticing and recognising strong and stable structures in your community.

Remember only one piece is required to be completed. Children in Grade 3 should be spending 30 minutes on homework each night. Reading for pleasure is time outside of this.

Any questions, please feel free to email or comment.

Miss M

What a beautiful way to get ready for Hanukkah!

Grade 6 students invited Grade 3 into their Hebrew classroom to present their work on Ann Frank. It was meaningful and appropriately detailed to give information to the younger  grade and allowed curiosity to blossom. It allowed time to for reflection on how beautiful the gift of life truly is.

Thank you Grade 6!



General studies homework – due December 18th 2019

Final week for homework before Winter Break!

Here are your options:

Language Arts – continuing to develop interesting sentences. You need to finish the sentences starters to create interesting sentences. Don’t forget to add in adjectives to describe your nouns. Add as much detail as you can uses the senses, click here for sheet!

Language Arts Option 2 – Wacky Writing… Frankenstein’s monster is getting a suit fitted – your task is to write a story about the image on the task sheet – click here for sheet!

Math – measurement problems and practise. 

As always you just need to complete one task and if more challenging work is needed please request.

Miss M