Learning About Each Other in Hebrew

Next week grade 3 will begin a new unit. Students will practice the skill of speaking in the first person and will work on a project in which they will have to write a short biography about themselves (following the guided questions in the slides below). Each student will work on answering questions about where they live, and describe their families, and will then document their learning by interviewing each other and sharing their recordings with their classmates to learn about each other and what makes each one of us unique!

Stay tuned for part 2!





All the students in Kitah Gimmel had a terrific time celebrating Hanukkah at school. They created Hanukkah board games using all the new vocabulary they had learned in Hebrew. The students also wrote instructions on how to play the games. They learned how important it is to write clear instructions so friends can have fun playing the games.

Everyone had so much fun playing the board games that they didn’t even notice that they were reviewing vocabulary too!


Everyone had so much fun playing the board games that they didn’t even notice that they were reviewing vocabulary too!

The whole week was filled with Ruach and perhaps Hannukah music videos at lunchtime. A class favourite just happened to be I want a puppy for Hanukkah. As far as we know there were no Hanukkah puppy gifts reported in our classes this year.

The students wore Hanukkah fashion, ate latkes, and had some terrific dreidel battles. The Hebrew reading each night was different Hanukkah songs. Two students even learned to play the songs on the piano as well.


                           3A sings Light the Candles


                        3B sings Light the Candles


The students also painted their very own dreidels and made some beautiful decorations for the class. Take a look at some of these beautiful creations below.



Learning about the world in Hebrew

The students in Grade Three have been busy learning about the world in Hebrew class. Each day the children come into class and find five questions on the board about a new country. The challenge is to find the answers by researching in Hebrew. There is excitement in the air as the students go about putting Hebrew keywords on the iPads. The best part is that so much fun, the children do not realize that they are honing their research skills. Who knows, we might even reach out and make some connections with students in the countries we have been learning about every day.

Kitah Gimel Model Seder- סֵדֶר פֶּסַח

We had a special Model Seder yesterday. 3A and 3B connected virtually to celebrate together. All the students took turns reading from the Haggadah throughout the Seder. Students from 3A became different characters and described themselves. Everyone sang beautifully and enjoyed the special Seder meal. Students from 3B finished off the afternoon performing a Pesach play. All of the students did a wonderful job in helping to make our Model Covid style Seder very memorable. It was the perfect way to usher in our Passover break.

Wishing all of our students and families a wonderful Pesach.
Chag Sameach!


Each Friday afternoon, the Grade 3 classes have been getting together via Google Meet. We have enjoyed Kahoot games that helped us review schoolwork. Special friendship interviews had students in 3A and 3B talking with each other on Google hangouts and getting to know each other a little better.

Today we were lucky enough to spend time with the authors of our Chumash workbooks. Noam and Dalia Reshef have taught for many years in Israel and Montreal. They decided to make workbooks easier and more interesting for children to learn Chumash. We had fun looking through the book and learning with them today. Mme. Stephanie joined our meet today and we found out that Noam and Dalia are her in-laws.


Kitah Gimmel Israel Projects

The last three weeks have been very busy in Kitah Gimmel. We have been researching and developing our projects on our choice cities in Israel, and were very excited to share our 3D models (using only things we already had at home!) with the class. We have been learning from each other about different cities, new cultural foods, and ancient holy places.

Tel Aviv

The Kotel in Yerushalayim

The Clock Tower in Yafo

City of David (Ancient Jerusalem)

Rosh Hanikra

Carmel Mountain


Tefilla at the Kotel (stop motion video)

My_Stop_Motion_Movie (1)