Exciting news for Grade 3!

Calling all potential Grade 3 representatives!

Each class from grades 3-8 will have one student representative on the Knesset*. 

Students must express an interest in being the class representative by the end of day on October 4. Candidates will prepare a 60-90 second speech to present to the class by the end of October 11. Voting will take place by secret ballot in a polling station.

Students can also create election posters.

Any interested students should get the information form from Miss M.


*The OJCS Knesset (Student Council) is the representative body for students at the Ottawa Jewish Community School. The role of the Knesset  is to represent and promote the interests of students to staff, administration, and parents. The council organizes events to promote student life and Tikkun Olam while developing and supporting student leadership. The executive and class representatives model our 7 Habits and North Stars.

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