Term 2 – General studies Curriculum overview

Good Morning Grade 3 parents!

I cannot believe we into our third week back already! It will be February break before we know it!

As I mentioned back in September I would be sharing General Studies Curriculum overview each term. This document shows what skill areas we will be focusing on this term in each strand of Language Arts and then each subject: Math, Science and Social Studies.

Again as I mentioned in September about Term 1 overview, this is an overview which can be subject to change depending on outside influences or events needing extra attention. That does not mean areas will be missed, moved around.

Our weekly homework will be linked to areas we are focused on in class. The same applies for the weekly math quiz. You and your child will be notified about the focus of the quiz and the math homework will match that. Knowledgehook.com is also an excellent place to review and revise math skills. IF you have not already done so you can link up to your child’s account and receive updates. If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Miss M


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