STEM Challenge Fun

The Grade 3 class was challenged to design and build a watering device for the plants they have grown. The children were so excited to design and test their devices.  Over the course of few classes, the children tested, and adjusted their plans as they tried to build the best watering device possible. An amazing thing started to happen in the class, the children started to help and encourage each other. One student told the whole class, “You don’t fail until you stop trying”. The children cheered each other on as they watched the watering devices in action. They helped each other fix the leaks – yes we did have water all over, but it was worth it! All the children were highly engaged and putting forth their best efforts. I am getting excited for more STEM challenges with Grade 3.


The Grade 3 and 4 classes got together at the beginning of the year, to discuss leadership, and what it means to be a good leader. The students created a list of proactive leadership skills that will help them become positive leaders at school. The students each made their own leader to put onto  class ‘Leader’ships. One student came up to talk with me to let me know that he couldn’t  promise to do everything on the list. The classes then had a meaningful discussion about the times when it is hard to be patient, and be a good listener. We talked about trying our very best each day, and improving upon skills that are difficult for us. All the teachers have full confidence in the students, and the positive leaders they can be this year. We are getting excited for an amazing year!


A big THANK YOU to Monsieur P!

Grade 3 competed in a Soccer Tornament alongside Turnbull School, Westboro Academy and St. Laurent. Great athletic ability was shown all around and many leadership skills were attempted. In the words of one of our Grade 3 students, ‘THIS IS THE BEST DAY!’

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Take a look at the Grade 3 leaders starting a science experiment… We will keep you updated!