Let the OJCS Reading Challenge Begin!

The Grade Three class  is very excited about the OJCS Reading Challenge. We have already read 156 books in just three days! Adam P. is keeping a tally of books read, and I have a feeling he will be graphing our monthly results as well. Miss M. and I are so excited to see so much reading happening at home and school. We hope the children do not try to stay up until midnight reading 🙂 Miss M, and I have to start our reading too, as we are asked each morning about the books we are reading.

3 Replies to “Let the OJCS Reading Challenge Begin!”

  1. This is so great! There are a lot more students from your class reading in the library at recess instead of using the computers. It is pretty wonderful!!

  2. I was so proud of Sacha when he borrowed the second book in the Amulet (sp?) series rather than going to the store to buy it. I had been conveying to him that his friends should try sharing their books rather than each one going out and buying their individual copy of the book. It shows growing understanding that “the sharing economy” is good for the wallets and the environment. We talked about a book sharing club as part of this. Clearly opportunities here for educating about appropriate consumption and costs.

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