Guest grade 3 blogger of the week – Our week by Emmett!

Hi, my name is Emmett and I was selected to be the blogger of the week.

It’s fun to be the blogger of the week.It’s like you’re a journalist!


In this video, I am leading the National anthem. When you are singing the anthem you need to stand quietly with your hands by your sides or at the back. This is respectful.


I am at Robotics club with my friends and here is a picture of us. Below is a picture of a robotic arm, I built this in the last week.


In our class, we are looking for kindness in everything. We have a kindness tree. Take a look at the picture and video below!


In Phys ED class, we play a game called Reality Mario Cart. We work in teams, each team has a scooter and they have to scoot around the gym. Every time you pass the start line you collect Mario money and points. What you do with the Mario money, once you have enough money you can buy different items to help you win!

I love this class, it is so much fun! Take a look below to see what it is like.


Me and my friends love spending time in the Library because we get to sit together and read funny stories. Our favourite book at the moment is Amulet.


Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you love the OJCS as much as I do.

by Emmett

4 Replies to “Guest grade 3 blogger of the week – Our week by Emmett!”

  1. Wow! What a great blog! Thanks so much for sharing all the great things you guys are doing in grade 3! Looks like everyone’s having a fun and learning lots … while also being kind to one another … Emmett – great job – we’re proud of you buddy xo

  2. Great job, Emmett! I really love the idea of a weekly blog post by the students – this is great!!

  3. Great blog post Emmett!

    I know that I am a few weeks behind, but I am so proud of your work, especially as the first one to give it a shot! I love how you incorporated video, photo and written text to summarize your week in Grade 3.

    What did you learn from the experience? If/when you have another opportunity to do it again, what might you do differently?

    I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  4. Hi. It’s Emmett here.

    I learnt how to blog and if you want to share something with the world, this one of the ways to do it. I enjoyed posting the pictures because it is really fun to take picture of my friends and I like to research on the internet and add it to my blog.
    Next time, I would double check what I am posting because last time i missed somethings and made some mistakes.

    Thank you for reading my blog!


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