Grade 3 bloggers!

It’s been a busy and exciting time in Grade 3 over the past couple of months. A small group of Grade 3 leaders were selected to form a ‘Little Bloggers’ group. The aim of the group was to introduce them to technology and online programs that they would need later on in their schooling life and beyond.

I could never have imagined the response from the students! They have been amazing; so enthusiastic and determined, soaking up all of the new information. From learning how to independently log on and off to creating a Google doc account and then creating an independent document. Changing font, size and colour – creating a personalized paper blog for their classmates to ‘comment’ (post it note!) From here, they evaluated the comments, assessing what made a useful/not useful comment and used this feedback to create an even better paper blog!

The next stage is to select a Grade 3 leader of the week (someone who has been showing leadership skills in all areas of school) and they become ‘Blogger of the week’. This will include documenting our school week, taking photos and videos of all the fun we have at the OJCS and sharing it on our grade 3 blog! The next group will be starting on Monday and our blogger will have his/her post up by Friday. I CANNOT WAIT!

I am so excited to see what Grade 3 will continue to produce over this year…Watch this space!

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  1. Dear teachers,
    It so happens that our family learns about all these great things post-factum from the Blogosphere. Joel said nothing to us about either the Knesset Election Campaign (Yes, I would like to be his Campaign Manager) or the Blogger Group (and he is an avid user of his own iPad for 2 years now). What is the best way to get engaged proactively and be aware before selection of leaders starts? Should I visit the Blogosphere hourly? Have been through the blogs history and found no pre-emptive announcements. If these are meant to be ad-hoc, please confirm this assumption. Val and I would like Joel to be socially active and involved in the school but he seems to be missing these opportunities.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Oleg,

      I can only respond specifically to the ‘Bloggers group’. This was a prototype group which initially, students were selected linked to a variety of leadership skills, I was monitoring. I did not post about this, until Friday, as I was trial and testing a new program with the students. All students in the Grade 3 class will be involved in this over the year, due to the prototype group being a success.

      Joel has really impressed me with his independent iPad skills so I feel like when it is his turn to be apart of the blogging group, he will be able to teach other students iPad skills as well as learn new skills.

      Thank you for letting me know your thoughts and feelings regarding the blogging/information process.

      Faye (Miss M)

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