General studies homework Due January 29th 2020

Good Morning grade 3 and grade 3 parents!

Here are the homework choices this week:

We have started out new math unit ‘adding and subtracting greater numbers’ (2 digit and 3 digit). Here is the work sheet:

Here is the Language arts homework choice – describing a character using adjectives and verbs.

Reading is not a part of the 3o minutes a night homework for grade 3 so I would love to see and hear about all the ‘extra’ reading you have been doing at home.

As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss M

General studies homework – Due January 22nd 2020

Welcome back Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents!

This week the homework options are Math practise – perimeter: Sheet one and Sheet two


Structures worksheet – noticing and recognising strong and stable structures in your community.

Remember only one piece is required to be completed. Children in Grade 3 should be spending 30 minutes on homework each night. Reading for pleasure is time outside of this.

Any questions, please feel free to email or comment.

Miss M

General studies homework – due December 18th 2019

Final week for homework before Winter Break!

Here are your options:

Language Arts – continuing to develop interesting sentences. You need to finish the sentences starters to create interesting sentences. Don’t forget to add in adjectives to describe your nouns. Add as much detail as you can uses the senses, click here for sheet!

Language Arts Option 2 – Wacky Writing… Frankenstein’s monster is getting a suit fitted – your task is to write a story about the image on the task sheet – click here for sheet!

Math – measurement problems and practise. 

As always you just need to complete one task and if more challenging work is needed please request.

Miss M

Your help is needed…

Good Morning Grade 3 parents!

We will be starting/continuing our Structures: Strong and Stable unit this week and I am sending out an official call for recycled supplies to assist in our building efforts!

Thank you to those who have already began sending in (washed out!) plastic and cardboard (I assume your eager children have passed on the message!)

If you have any cardboard from cereal boxes to paper towel tubes or plastic items – soda or water bottles to (clean) yogurt pots, I will gladly accept. We have a box in the classroom where students can drop off their supplies.

As always as questions, just email or leave a comment below.

Miss M

General studies homework – Due December 4th 2019

Hello Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

Please find below the following options for homework this week. Remember only one piece is expected but you complete as many as you wish.

This our final week of Data Management focus in Math class. We will be moving onto Measurement. Option 1 for Math is a pre learning task. Students are asked to create a mind map of “what do I know about measurement”.

If students are still wanting to practise data management skills here are a variety of word challenge tasks:

Science Homework is also looking at bringing knowledge into the class, ready to add to our new Structures unit. Here are some videos about strength and stability:
You task is to watch and create a visual of what your have learnt. That could be a poster, a flipgrid (ask Miss M for the QR or passcode) or a video. Pick a graphic organiser to help record your information as you watch.
Finally, Social studies homework. Create a rural and urban living chart (pick a hard copy from Miss M) and record examples of rural and urban living in your everyday life.
If you wish to complete a book review – please pick up a template from Miss M or create your own at home.
Any questions, as always please email or leave a comment!
Miss M

General studies homework Due November 27th 2019

Good Morning Grade 3,

Please find below links to your homework this week. As always you will be given the choice in class to select a piece you feel is appropriately challenging for you. If you feel that you want to complete another, I will have the paper copy in the classroom until Friday and after that you can access then via our blog.

The Math quiz next week (November 28th will be linked to data management, interpreting data and creating conclusions)

This week we are continuing our homework on Data management looking at interpreting our data and creating conclusions. The grade level math can be found here:


If you want to challenge yourself challenge math can be found here:

(shout out to for providing AMAZING free worksheets!)

As always a book review can be completed on paper or via the library. Please see last week’s post to access this.

Any questions or queries please feel free to ask.


Miss M

Weekly math quiz!

Guess who’s back!? Our weekly math quiz! (YEEEEYYY!) After our holiday month of October and CAT-4 testing, we will get back into our routine of math quiz Thursday. Math homework will be set the week before (Last week’s homework: data management will be the focus of this Thursday’s quiz) I will always set a homework linked to the focus and extra work can be requested.

Please find below extra practise. Paper copies are available from Miss M.

General Studies homework – Due date November 20th

Good Morning Grade 3 and Grade 3 parents,

Following the success of last week’s student choice homework and amazing inspiration from Morah Lianna, I will be continuing this format of putting all instructions and links to sheets on the blog so students have control and responsibility over what they choose for homework.

This week there will be a choice of:

Pre learning* social studies task – click here to see the instructions and worksheet. (*pre learning simply means gathering information before in class learning begins)

Math homework – Click here for grade 3 level task and click here for challenge task

Language Arts – complete a  book review. You can use the review sheet found here or you can add the review directly to the library website. Click here to a full guide to writing a review on the library website.

Any issues or questions, please write a comment below or email me directly.


Miss M