Reminders for Next Week

Hi Grade 3 Families,

Just a quick note about some important reminders for next week…

Tuesday, December 20th is our Family Chanukah Celebration! We have been practicing our big performance and can’t wait to perform!
For costumes, please have your child wear a brown (or yellow) shirt to make it look like they are a latke. Upon arrival at school that evening, your child can meet me in the classroom to get ready for the big show while you find a seat in the gym.

Friday, December 23rd
is PJ day! Instead of a loonie or toonie for dress down day, we are asking families to bring in a new pair of PJs to donate to the “Pyjama Patrol”.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.
Shabbat Shalom and Chag Chanukah Sameach!

Happy Hanukkah

Oh Chanukah, Math-manukah

This week we took our problem solving skills and applied them to a series of Chanukah themed Math problems!

We worked on 4 different problems;

Morah Lianna made latkes for her friends and family. She fried up 72 latkes for her 18 students in 3A and all of the 35 teachers at OJCS. How many did she have left after 3A and all the teachers ate their latkes?

Morah Lianna was collecting gelt to play dreidels with. She collected 80 chocolate coins, but while she was on recess duty, Mrs. Cleveland ate 17 of them and Ms. Beswick came to take 25 of them. How many chocolate coins did Morah Lianna have left?

Morah Lianna and Cooper were getting ready to light the Chanukiah. She had 28 candles ready for the holiday, but Cooper accidentally ate 6 candles and broke 4 more. How many candles did Morah Lianna have left?

Morah Lianna was making Chanukah gift bags. She made 8 bags in total. Each bag will have 2 dreidels, 2 sufganiyot, and 5 chocolate coins. How many dreidels does Morah Lianna need to buy? How many sufganiyot does Morah Lianna need to buy? How many chocolate coins does she need to buy? What if she wanted to make 10 gift bags in total, instead of 8?

The students worked in small groups to answer their problem.


Then they all shared their thinking and reasoning in order to learn from each other! We even worked as a class to correct some of the errors we made with our Math operations (#NorthStarAlert! We Learn Better Together)

Stay tuned for next week’s Chanukah related Math problem!

Chanukah Rehearsal Time!

Hi Grade 3 Students!

Please practice the lyrics for the SONG we are SINGING at the Family Chanukah Celebration!
Here is the video with the song and I have the lyrics that you should practice typed out below.

Chorus 1: 
Tonight is Hanukkah
Got everything we need
A frying pan, some oil
And a latke recipe
Let’s celebrate our ancestry
We’ve got ooh, ooh, ooh The latke recipe

Chorus 2:
Tonight is Hanukkah
Got everything we need
A frying pan, some oil
For your latke recipe
Let’s celebrate our victory
We’ve got ooh, ooh, ooh The latke recipe

Chorus 3:
Tonight is Hanukkah
Got everything we need
A frying pan, some oil
For your latke recipe
Let’s celebrate our ancestry
We’ve got ooh, ooh, ooh The latke recipe

Slow Part:
Two thousand years
Of joyous celebration
A single jar
That burned for eight days
The food we eat
As part of our tradition
Keeps that flame alive!

Chorus 4:
Tonight is Hanukkah
Got everything we need
Good friends and family here to try
Our latke recipe
Best served with applesauce, you see
We’ve got ooh, ooh, ooh The latke recipe

Bitmoji ImageBitmoji Image

Shop ’til You Drop!

Just a quick reminder that we are visiting the Scholastic Book Fair as a class tomorrow morning! Please feel free to attach instructions to money (i.e. ‘must only be spent on books’, ‘buy one English and one French book’, ‘buy something for the class from the wish list’, etc.)

Parents are able to shop during drop off and pick up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, OR Thursday from 6:00-7:30pm and Friday 8:30am-12:00pm. Can’t make it in? Don’t worry! You can even shop online here:… SO MANY OPTIONS!

Students can also visit the book fair during recess throughout the week! I know some students brought some money in today to shop at recess time! Woot woot!

Thank you for supporting our OJCS library!

Save the Date(s)

Hi Kitah Gimmel Families

We have two exciting things coming up on the OJCS calendar and we want to make sure that you have your calendars marked!

The Scholastic Book Fair!

This is a great way to support the OJCS library while also purchasing books for your library at home! We will be visiting as a class on Wednesday, December 7th. However, throughout the week, parents can pop into the book fair before and after school; it opens at 8:30AM and closes at 4:00PM. The book fair will also be open on Thursday night (Dec. 8) during P/T Conferences from 6:00PM-7:30PM and Friday (Dec. 9) during P/T Conferences from 8:30AM-12:00PM. Feel like shopping from home? Use the Virtual Book Fair Link! I will be sending home a flyer today that you can browse with your child in preparation for the Book Fair! We have already started putting together our class wishlist!

Family Chanukah Celebration

On Tuesday, December 20th at 6:30pm, we will gather as a school community to celebrate Chanukah IN PERSON for the first time in years! Come join us for an evening of performances and a sweet Chanukah treat. I will absolutely be there in my favourite Chanukah sweater!


Mark your calendars!

Please return any completed Homework BINGO cards from November this week. A new BINGO board will be assigned on Monday next week.

Learning About Each Other in Hebrew

Next week grade 3 will begin a new unit. Students will practice the skill of speaking in the first person and will work on a project in which they will have to write a short biography about themselves (following the guided questions in the slides below). Each student will work on answering questions about where they live, and describe their families, and will then document their learning by interviewing each other and sharing their recordings with their classmates to learn about each other and what makes each one of us unique!

Stay tuned for part 2!



Globally Collected Soil

As we wrapped up our Science unit on Soil, we FINALLY had the chance to look at all of the bags of soil that have been arriving in the mail over the last month! It started with a quick tweet & a share on Facebook by one of our Grade 3 parents… and voila! 7 bags of soil from around North America!

We started the activity by looking up the various places on the map. Two students were in charge of using Google to show the locations on our SMART board and 2 students were in charge of then finding it on our classroom wall map.


It was great to see the class work together to find the locations and make connections to places they have been!

Then we reviewed the various types of soil that we have been learning about and started passing around the bags! The students were able to touch the soil and look at it through the bag, then they needed to determine which type of soil it was.

We were so excited to see and feel the very clear differences among all of the different soils!

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to every who mailed us bags of soil! This activity would not have been possible without you!



winter is SNOW much fun!

The students were VERY excited about the snow falling today… and even more excited to look out our classroom window and see the HUGE snow plows on the roads!

With all of this excitement for snow, many of our students forgot to bring in-door shoes today. Please pack them in your child’s backpack for tomorrow, so they can leave them in their lockers! Keeping extra socks in their backpacks / lockers is also a great idea!

I hate winter
representation of Morah Lianna today
representation of the Grade 3 students today










While I have you here… Just a few more reminders:
-Friday, November 18th is PHOTO RETAKE DAY
-Friday, November 18th is a 2PM DISMISSAL
-Thursday, November 24th is DRESS DOWN DAY
-Friday, November 25th is a PD DAY