Mini March Update!

Shalom Kitah Gimmel Families!

It was so amazing to be back at school with all of the students in Grade 3 this week after February break… although… I am quite jealous of the suntans and vacation braids!

Here are two highlights from the week along with some reminders at the bottom of the blog post!

In Science we have been learning about different types of forces. While magnetic force seemed to be the class favourite before the break, it seems like electrostatic force is now the “most fun” force in class! Check out these big smiles and crazy hair!

With March, comes MARCH MADNESS!! Grade 3 was excited to see that we are launching our March Madness Book Bracket again this year! Now that we are in Grade 3, we have a bit of a twist! Instead of only having other teachers come join us as guest readers… we will also have Grade 3 students become the guest readers! Today one of our students read our March Madness Book!

Which book do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!

  • If you have any feedback from last month’s transition to a General Studies Homework folder (rather than all electronic), please send me an email! (update: new BINGO board will be given next week, as this week we are celebrating purim and all things RUACH!)
  • RUACH week is starting on MONDAY. Please see this blog post for details about each theme day!
  • We are getting ready for Innovation day! I am looking for newspapers and cardboard for this year’s project! If you have any of these items, please send them to school. Thank you!

Upcoming Events & Save the Date(s)!

February break may be starting, but I am buzzing with excitement about all of the upcoming events at school! Here is just a quick post to make sure your calendars are up to date with all of the amazing happenings here upon your return to school after Feb. Break!

March 6-10: RUACH WEEK

With Ruach Week… we have PURIM! Our OJCS Purim Carnival is back and we need your help! Please see the flyer below for more details!
(The carnival is only open to students and takes place during school hours)


March 20-24: La célébration de la semaine de la Francophonie
March 23rd at 6:30PM: Franco-fête Performance


March 30: Innovation Day

You will be invited into the classroom on the morning of Innovation Day to see your child’s project!
Please stay tuned for more details on the timing.

We hope you have a restful Family Day Weekend & February Break!

Fact vs. Opinion

This month we have been learning about the difference between facts and opinions. It’s important to learn the difference so we can become better at identifying opinions from facts when doing research online!

We started with a read aloud and workshop with our Librarian, Miss Brigitte!

Then, we spent our library period finding different non-fiction books about various topics of interest. We then started our research by looking for facts!


Some interesting facts we learned were…

  • You fit as many as 130 people in one large log house
  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s grandmother lived to be older than 85 years old
  • Helen Keller was deaf and blind
  • Harry Houdini’s father was a Rabbi
  • Most fish use their tails to swim

Some opinions we shared were…

  • Sharks are ugly
  • Maple syrup is yummy
  • Dogs are better than cats
  • It would be hard to be Helen Keller’s teacher


Do you have any fun facts or opinions that you would like to share with us? Comment below!!!

– Our February Break begins Friday with a PD day!

JDAIM in Grade 3

As you know, this week we had a workshop with our school Social Worker, Quinn. We discussed words we are learned already (diversity and inclusion), and we learned a brand new word; allyship. Being an ally means you are a friend and supporter of all people! It does not matter if they are different from us, we are supportive and inclusive! We even played a game to show that within our Grade 3 community, we have different interests and abilities!

This morning, we had a class discussion (inspired by this year’s JOIN contest) about adults understanding inclusion.
Below is the Jamboard where we shared some of our ideas!

We also listened to this fantastic story from Miss Brigitte!

Check out her other JDAIM storytime videos here!


Here is more information about the JOIN contest!
Please feel free to work on a project at home to enter in the challenge!

Franco-fête – Chanson

Dear Grade 3 families,

Our class has decided that we will perform the Michel Fugain / Kids United song called “Chante”. This was a big French hit from the 70’s which was recently covered by the Kids United group.

We will also colour coordinate our attire to look like French, Quebec and Franco – Ontarian flags.

I have included the lyrics below and the Kids United music video.

More information to come about our different coloured attire.

Chante la vie, chanteComme si tu devais mourir demainComme si plus rien n’avait d’importanceChante, oui chante
Aime la vie, aimeComme un voyou, comme un fou, comme un chienComme si c’était ta dernière chanceChante, oui chanteTu peux partir quand tu veuxEt tu peux dormir où tu veuxRêver d’une fillePrendre la BastilleOu claquer ton fric au jeuMais n’oublie pas
Chante la vie, chanteComme si tu devais mourir demainComme si plus rien n’avait d’importanceChante, oui chante
Fête, fais la fêtePour un amour, un ami ou un rienPour oublier qu’il pleut sur tes vacancesChante, oui chante
Et tu verras que c’est bonDe laisser tomber sa raisonSors par les fenêtresMarche sur la têtePour changer les traditionsMais n’oublie pas
Chante la vie chante (chante, chante)Comme si tu devais mourir demainComme si plus rien n’avait d’importance
Chante, oui chanteChante, chante, la-la-la-la-la-la-laComme si tu devaisSors par les fenêtresMarche sur la têteChante, oui chante

French games to review for our grammar quiz

Dear Grade 3 families,


Attached are a few games that can be used to practice for next week’s grammar quiz.

February Homework BINGO

Hi Grade 3 Parents,

Today your child brought home a brand new purple pocket folder / duotang. This folder contains the new BINGO board as well as any printouts that are required for this month. The sheets for the month are in the pocket. As the students complete their work, they should pop it into the duotang clips. As usual, a row, column, or (new) 4 corners will earn a BINGO! Any extra tasks that are completed are bonus!

Please reach out if you have any questions!



Vroom Vroom to the Makerspace We Go!

We went on an adventure today… All the way to the OJCS Makerspace!

Mr. Ray greeted us and explained some of the different leadership roles we would be able to try out today while building. We were given a bag of materials and told to get started. He reminded us that we celebrate mistakes and failed attempts! That’s how we learn best!!

Some of us figured out right away that the goal was to build a car… and some of us needed to work with the materials first. After 5 minutes of building, Mr. Ray showed us a short clip of a video to help us assemble the wheels.

We worked together, problem solved, and built cars!


“When I was making the car, the elastic band didn’t work… but it was still really really fun!”


“The hardest thing was when we put the elastic on the bottom because it kept falling off. I’m not sure how we will fix it, but I know we can figure it out!”


“I liked being the Lead Mechanic because I really enjoyed building stuff.”

Stay tuned for next week when we race the cars!

New Year, New BINGO Board

Welcome Back!

Today was a day of New Year activities. We had a class discussion about what we want more of and less of in 2023. The students suggested more sleep in 2023… so feel free to bump up those bed times! We also started one of my favourite activities today; UNLOCK THE NEW YEAR! (a 10-challenge long Math activity). As we complete the challenges, we get closer and closer to unlocking the New Year!

With the new year and a new month… we have a new BINGO board!

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As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

new year same me
Same me… always loving the Bitmojis!

REMINDER: We will have a special PJ Day this Friday (January 13th) to make up for the missed one on our snow day in December! Please make sure your child wears a pair, and brings a pair to donate to the Pyjama Patrol!