Lily – blogger of the week!

Hi I’m Lily and I am the grade 3 blogger of the week! Let me show you what we do in a week!


In gym, we play four corner soccer. Let me tell you how you play, you get split into four groups and you each get a number and when Mr Ray calls your number you try to score on your opponents nets! It’s really fun!

In Hebrew class we had תפילא We sing very good. We are singing Matovoo.

We are a part of the Great Canadian Mail race and we sent our letters.

There is a mystery assembly at the end of the day. We are at a assembly for colour wore we are going to know what team were on we are so excited!


Today, we are doing the anthems I am leading it.

In English we are having reading time. We love to read, we are really good at it.

e are writing our speech for public speaking we can’t wait to present it to the class!

We love our creative time. Here is a piece of creative writing.

In math class, we were measuring items in the class that was the write measurement it was fun.

In French class, we are playing a game were you’re in a group and you have to write down French words, that is in the category and the word can’t be written on someone’s page. It is a hard challenge. We also coloured in our background for the French play.


With Shannon we had a Clue party! It’s where we play Clue with popcorn it’s really fun. I love it! The winner was Shannon.

In music, Rene played songs with us on his guitar. We talked about lyrics, verses and chorus.

Then in French class, we are doing le menu de la Corneille.


Today we had a carnival for Israel’s birthday it was fun there was so much things to do here is a video of the flag show it is very cool!

In the carnival there was stations, this is the LEGO station it was fun you get to build stuff!


In art class, we are colouring in our folders, they are called portfolios, to put are art in for our art show. We love art. We are very good at it.

In Mrs Bennett’s class we have a kindness tree. If you are kind your name goes on the kindness tree. The boys got kindness hearts for protecting the worms outside. Today, we are practising our public speaking to the class. I can’t wait!

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