Blogger of the Week – BENNY!

Hi my name is Benny and I am blogger of the week!

In French we do the blue book when you’re finished all the work in class. You make a wordsearch in French with all the new words you have learnt. In the morning when we have french we always do the blue book. It can also be fun sometimes.

In Hebrew, we do the word of the day it’s when people pick a new word for the class. In the morning we bring in our homework and write out the Hebrew to practise our writing. Then the teacher calls people to read. In Hebrew we do the Sefer בעברית.

In gym, we do Mario kart.  You are on a scooter and every lap you get a fake dollar bill and a popsicle stick with your dollar bills you can buy stuff.If you get$ 3 you can buy a pylon if you bump into it you go to the middle you roll a dice whatever number you get you do the thing. If you have $ 5 you can get a dodgeball or turtle. If you have $10 you can get a push dodgeball and pylon. It is so much fun!

Look at the words we made with our popsicle sticks!

In general studies when we come in we read a book quitely. We love to read and our Reading Challenge is going so well!

This week in math, we practised time. In the game, we made our own watch and set the time. We then had to write all the names in the class. Then the music started! We danced until it stopped and then you had to read the time of the person closest to you! It was fun! If you get it right you write it down but if you get it wrong you dance away and come back later to try again.

This is the class doing the anthems. Today I was the lead!

Miss M did a creative writing activity with us using our imagination and the best adjectives we could think of. We made our own fantastic beast. Here is someone who is presenting his creature. You make your own beast. On the other side of the page you answer questions how you can tame it what’s its power. 

This is Olivia doing her blog she was talking about the shinshinim. She was blogger of the week.

Here is Eden presenting her penguin research.

Reading buddies I love reading buddies because you get to have a buddie and read and I love to read.

I love T’filah it’s one of my favourite part of Hebrew.

This is music one of my favourite subjects yesterday we were learning about the blues.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. What a great blog post Benny!

    You did such a great job capturing the week in words, pictures and videos! I especially love that threw in a little Hebrew!

    Did you learn anything about yourself as a learner or about your class by being the guest blogger? Did you learn anything about being a guest blogger that you think other people should know or would lead you to do anything different next time you get to do it?

    Keep up the great blogging!

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