Global Maker Day 2021

This past Tuesday was Global Maker Day 2021. The students in third grade loved taking part in a day full of collaboration and creativity with schools from around the world. 

3A and 3B loved using their design thinking skills on Global Maker Day. There were four different STEM challenges to choose from: make a ramp, a math board game, an egg drop protective device, and an artifact that students could use for social and emotional learning. Special thanks to everyone who sent in all the recycled materials. There was more than enough cardboard and containers for the building.

There was a buzz in the room as the students chose their groups and started to brainstorm. With materials and tape in hand, the building began, and absolutely everyone was engaged and having so much fun.

I was amazed at all the different building that was going on in the class. The students collaborated as they tested and adapted the designs to meet with success. Students presented their STEM challenges to the class. They were so proud of their final products.



We ended the day by making Flipgrid videos of our work and sharing them with other students. We tweeted out some pictures and received lots of attention from the Global Maker Day organizers.

Global Maker Day was a success. We were inspired to be innovators, problem-solvers and share our work globally. Perhaps we should start researching patents soon.