Interviewing Dr. Mitzmacher!

Interviewing Dr. Mitzmacher

Interviewer: Adam Peters


What is your favourite animal ?

His favourite pet is Cat and his favourite animal at the zoo koala bears (I love Koala bears too!)


Why did you become the head of school ?

He was young he spend  his time in the principal office (not for good reasons!) and when he grew up he knew he wanted to be one.

Where were you born ?

Dr. M said ” the Great state of New Jersey” (I found out that New Jersey is in America)


What is your favourite fruit ?

Raspberry’s. Mine too!


Did you like drawing when you were younger ?

No he did not like drawing.


Were you ever a teacher ?

Yes (sort of.) He taught at different Hebrew schools but not everyday like a regular teacher.


What is the job of a principle?

Dr.M likes to be called Head of school because a principle just looks after a school. He needs to make the school balanced. Not just education but the business and community side of the school.

Did you ever break a bone ?

He broke 4 bones: 2 arms, 1 leg and 1 finger.

Gross story alert! Dr.M played soccer one weekend when his parents were out of town at a bar mitzvah. In a tackle, he was pushed and fell on his wrist…the bones her sticking out of his wrist! ERGH! He couldn’t get treated because his parents were away so he had to wait with only ice! OUCH!


This next story is even more gross! Another time he broke his wrist and had a cast on, his friend thought it would be funny if he could put in a  corn ball in his cast but he didn’t tell his parents for 7 weeks when they took out his cast the corn ball was under his skin!


Were you an only child ?

Yes, he was a only child.


Did you choose the early dismissals?

No, the dismissals are based on the Jewish holidays. On Friday there is a early dismissal between November and March.


What is your favourite day of the week?



What is your favourite food ?

Kosher BBQ ribs.


Were you in charge of last years raffle?

No, grade 8 was in charge and the Knesset.


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  1. Great interview Adam! The whole class loved learning about Dr. Mitzmacher. The gross story part of the interview was a big hit with 3B. Do you think Dr. Mitzmacher ever goes near a corn ball nowadays? You are a very good interviewer Adam! Are there any other teachers, or a vice-principal you would want to interview next?

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