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Grade 3 Blogger of the week

Hi my name is Monica I am so excited to tell you about this week. It has been a blast documenting about this week. So without further ado let’s get started.


Aujourd’hui on a le français. Dans la classe on a travaillé dans notre cahier bleu et on a fini le film Space Jam. J’ai regardé un petit peu du film en anglais a la maison. C’est un film drôle et c’est sur.

(Translation) Today we have French. In French class we did our blue book and then we finished a movie called space jam (in French). I watched a bit of the movie in English (at home). It is a silly movie but I know it’s not real(end translation) the movie is about aliens trying to find people to make their amusement park fun.

We also have Hebrew class. I love Hebrew. In Hebrew we are practicing songs for our model Seder. Ms.M started giving out our parts for the Passover play that we will be performing it later on. Some people got an English part and some people got a Hebrew part. I am the narrator with Olivia. I can wait till we can perform it. We are working on the songs and prayers in a haggadah

We LOVE Hebrew!

Next, we have gym. In gym class we played a game called Newcombe ball. Newcombe ball is like volleyball, there are two teams and a ball your team has to get it over the net. It’s hard to explain so just look at the picture and it will show you how to play.

In the afternoon, we had General studies. We did some independent reading and listened to our blogger present his post. Here are some pictures and videos of the previous bloggers blog.  

After we did some penguin research. Emmett showed us his home made computer. It was so cool and really impressive! Here is a Pic Collage that shows you what it looks like.


Today we have English first. We are reading. Our class loves to read books so much we have gone past are first reading challenge goal! Here instead of me telling you how much we have read here’s a picture of how many books we have read… you will be impressed!

After reading we  practiced our Seder play here’s a video of a group that is acting and reading their parts for the play. I am really enjoying practising.

We went down to the library for reading buddies with Grade 8. Here are some pictures of reading buddies.

We have gym. I love gym! In gym, We played Newcombe ball  with elimination. It is so much fun!

In math class, we are practicing reading the time. Let’s say Ms Bennett said show me 10:00 I would do this on my clock.

Get it?  Good. I am getting it… Ms. M challenges us to tell the time all day! Then we got a worksheet about time, to practise.

Now it’s French time. We are doing journals. Journal is where you get a few minutes to write as many words as you can in French. It’s so fun.

After outside it’s Hebrew time. Everyone loves Hebrew. In Hebrew we practiced our play and practicing songs for pesach. We have shinshinim. Shinshinim is my favourite today with the shinshinim we are playing a game where we all have a string in our shoe and you have to grab somebody else’s string out of their shoe. The second game we played is were the shinshinim give us groups and a sheet of paper that listed neighbours and we had to grade the neighbours 1 to 10. It was so fun to do. It was all about living alongside other people.


Today started with Hebrew first we are making decorations for our model Passover Seder. Some people are making a 3D ocean and some people are making a 3D pyramid. Here is a picture of what we are making:

After we finished making 3D figures we listened to the people who have Hebrew parts here is a video of them reading :

After they finished reading we practiced some songs for Passover.

Adam P went to interview Dr. Mitzmacher. Here is a Pic Collage of the interview and if you want to see the whole interview go to Adam P’s blog.

When the interview ended we went back to English. In English we practiced the play. And after we practiced the play we went outside. When we came inside we had French. In French Mr P. read us a story in French the we practised our French play with our new parts and teams.


Today was our day to go to the book fair! It was so much fun and I loved seeing the books and other toys.

We had general studies and we watched more Mr Popper’s penguins presentations and those who had comments to respond to on the blog replied. We also had more TIME practising time in math. We also played time bingo where we had to listen for the time being called out and we had to work out of we had it. It was hard but a good way to practise time.

We did a full run through of our Seder, Morah Sigal saw our English play for the first time and she was really impressed! I can’t wait to do for real next week.


We started our day with our Rosh Chodesh assembly. Here is a Pic Collage to show you all the different thing we heard about.

We finished our impressionist art today. It was so fun to learn a new style. Here are some of the amazing art from our class.

We also made charoset – This is for our Seder.

Madame Marlene was our French teacher today. We played our French games and did independent reading. After our reading time we used the vocabulary from our books and games to play hangman.

General studies with Mrs Bennett is always fun! We did story writing in new partners, I am working with Talia. Our new story is based on true events maybe you will see it soon! We also have FREE TIME because we earned 1 and a half happy face buckets! Well done Grade 3! We are so awesome! It is my favourite time of the week.


Thanyofor reading my blog!


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  1. You did such a great job as guest blogger Monica!

    You provide a TON of detail, as well as pictures, videos and texts; you really made the reader feel like they had spend a week in Grade 3!

    What new skills did you learn to be a guest blogger? Did you learn anything about yourself as a learner in the process?

    If I had one piece of constructive feedback, it would be…you did a great job using your French, if you wanted to push yourself…you could type in Hebrew! I bet your Jewish Studies Teacher would be thrilled to show you how.

    Overall, you did a great job! Can’t wait to see the next one!

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