Plants/Flowers for Hebrew

Every two weeks, two members of Grade 3 will be asked to bring in a flower/plant. I will pop a note in the selected student’s agenda so whoever has been selected and post on our blog. This week Eden and Zoe have been asked to bring one in.

Any issues, please contact Morah Sigal.

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  1. Please post more information about the project/initiative these plants/flowers are intended for better understanding of what type of a plant is more suitable. Thank you!

    1. I have spoke to Morah Sigal, in more detail about this. The intention of this project is developing responsibility and roles within the classroom. Other than making our classroom a beautiful environment to work in; the students will be looking after and caring for the plants independently (with our initial guidance) and in turn linking to our leadership program in Grade 3.

      I hope this has clarified your query. Any other issues please let me know.

      Miss M

  2. Thank you! I presume a potted plant would give the kids more opportunities to get into the routine of caring after it. As they last longer under proper care, those would materialize as a collection of greenery in the classroom by the year end.

    1. Fantastic! That is exactly the point. Fingers crossed they are able to take responsibility and we have a wonderful classroom environment.

      Miss M

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