La semaine de la Francophonie

La semaine de la Francophonie: Grade 4

We have been celebrating this special week in a variety of ways in our Grades 3 and 4 French classes:


We used the dix mots de la semaine de la Francophonie in order to play this interactive game. The purpose of the game is to come up with a fake but believable definition for these tricky French words. Points are given if your team can guess the correct definition of the word, additional points are given for each team that chooses your fake answer. We learned the meaning of a few challenging French words.

  • année-lumière
  • déjà-vu
  • lambiner
  • tic-tac
  • synchrone
  • plus-que-parfait
  • dare-dare
  • rythmer
  • avant-jour
  • hivernage

Scattergories: Grade 3

Students were paired in groups of 3 or 4 students. Each round was timed at 4 minutes. The purpose of this game is to come up with as many French words as possible over the round. The category would change after 4 minutes. A point is given for each correct answer. The rounds would cover different themes and units that we have learned this year including; the community, school, animals and a special round including all things Franco-Fête.

Grammar Jeopardy: Grade 3

On Wednesday, we played a game of French grammar Jeopardy. It was boys vs. girls with the different categories including the different verbs learned during the year as well as some questions about some of our recent units. The questions had a few different elements including some conjugation, translation and creating small sentences with the verbs.

Conversations de classe: Grades 3 and 4;

Students were given the role of either a host or a guest. The hosts would remain in the station while guests would rotate in order to visit 3 different hosts. The purpose of this activity was to have the students speak to each other in French using some of their own previously made work. Students in Grade 4 were sharing several of their favourite sentences from their upcoming Sports presentations. After two minutes, the speakers would rotate and every 4 minutes our guests would visit a new host.

Students in Grade 3 completed the same activity, but they used the sentences created with the two verbs that we have recently learned être and avoir. In order to promote a casual atmosphere, students enjoyed some orange juice and potato chips while sharing their work.

Reading Buddies: Grades 3 and 4

Students from Grades 3 and 4 were paired into small groups in order to read to each other in French. Grade 4 read parts of their French library books as well as as a few highlights from their province and territory books.  Grade 3 then had a chance to read to their older friends, they used their favourite Escalire homework books.

Song mix and match: Grade 3

We played this song lyric puzzle game using some of the music used during 8:30-8:45 drop-off. During our semaine de la Francophonie, we had French music playing on the loudspeaker each morning, we used some of these songs to complete a challenging puzzle activity. The lyrics from the songs were cut up into 10 pieces, groups were trying to listen to the song and piece together the correct order of the song. We used some songs from classic French singers from the 70’s and 80’s, Mike Brant, Charles Aznavour and Jean-Jacques Goldman. We also listened to some more current songs from artists such as; Amir, Christoph Maé and Kendji Girac.






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