Blogger of the week – Eliezer!

Blogger of the week Eliezer!

Hi my name is Eliezer and I am the blogger of the week. I am so excited to be the blogger because I can blog about the week.

In French on Monday we write in our blue folder. We do word searches and crosswords. Sometimes in French we read French books.

אנחנו מקבלים שיעורים בעברית כל יום.עברית אנחנו משחקים משיחה שהמורה שואלת שאלת ואנחנו עונים אנחנו מתפללים כל יום וביום שישי אנחנו מתפללים תפילה לשבת

הנה וידאו בכיתה שלנו

בעברית אנחנו עובדים בספר הכחול.היום בערית אנחנו הולכים להלל לודג,הכיתה שלנו אוהבים ללכת להלל  לודג,ורואים הדגים.

In gym we have fun and play games. This week we are playing new cong ball it is mini volleyball.Sometimes instead of gym, we do health class and we watch a movie called Ratatouille,we like watching Ratatouille is a movie about a rat and his dad gets mad at him for liking humans.We are learning about healthy foods and processed foods.

We have English class at the end of Monday. We do a lot of different things. When we get in we read for 5 to 10 minutes. For the reading challenge we have read 1614 books.

In English class, I lead the anthems.

A group goes with Ms.M. it is the blogging group. We have started to make our new electronic blogs. We have to make sure we use capital letters and the right punctuation and at least 5 sentences in a paragraph. Today Ms.M is getting the bloggers to reply to comments on their blogs when they were the blogger of the week. This helps us practise commenting.

We are working on penguin research. And practising our presenting skills.Today,  two people presented their penguins blog. We are going to the computer lab,we are working on google docs skills or math playground. Sometimes we have creative story writing time my whole class likes creative writing story time.

We have Library once a week. We read books in Library, we like library.My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix.

Each day, we have math class. Once a week for math class me and a few other people go with Mrs.Cleveland. This week we are doing word problems. We do challenging work\math. I like going with Mrs.Cleveland. We read the question and then answer them.

Nous aime Francais.

Today two grade 4’s came in and showed us their projects that they made. After they read it in French they translated it into English. One was on Dancing and the other was on Skating. We play games,the games we play are a game where Mr P calls out a letter and we say a word in french. We are watching a movie called Space Jam in French.

This week, like always, I went to robotics club. We make robots. We like robotics,it is fun. We use tablets, and Ev3 bricks. We are making Inch-worms. We do program robots. I also went to chess and math club, I played chess against Adam.

We when to Hillel Lodge this week. I was in a group with two people.We are doing crafts with the elderly residences/people.The craft that we are making is a kiddush cup and  word searches, we help the residents if the can’t find words or stick things in the craft. Our class loves to do word searches. We also listen to Hebrew songs. On Wednesday we started making sentences in Hebrew and presenting them to the class. This is Hebrew word of the day challenge.

We have shinshinim once a week,every time they come we do a different activity. We like it when the shinshinim come. This week when the shinshinim came we played a game where everyone had two pencils and you had to try and take someone else’s pencils. This helped us learn about teamwork and working together. We learnt about democracy and the Knesset. We had to get into two teams and come up with reasons for and against school uniform and then vote.

Our class has music once a week,our class likes music.We are listening to instruments and we have to guess what instrument from the computer. There are six styles of music.

We started a new art project in art class. We are learning about Berthe Morisot, she was born in France on January 14, 1841. Edouard Manet was one of her friends. This was one of her paintings.

This week is the parent teacher meeting, the grade 3 class all go to the Library before aftercare. In the Library we played a game called squirt.

Thank you for reading my blog!

16 Replies to “Blogger of the week – Eliezer!”

  1. Way to go Eliezer! Who is your favourite Space Jam character? Are you looking forward to the sequel, coming out soon?

  2. I loved reading your blog Eliezer! I’m glad you guys like seeing the fish at Hillel Lodge. Did you decide for or against uniforms in your debate?

  3. Hi Eliezer! I live in a town called Brest all the way on the north coast of France! I enjoyed your blog and learning about your school life. What is your favourite French word? Mine is pamplemousse! Say hi to your Mum for me, we used to hang out when we were your age. 😉

  4. Eliezer,
    I am truly amazed and impressed with the scope of your activities at school. You did an excellent job of documenting your school week. Continue on this successful path.

  5. What a terrific blog Eliezer! It was so interesting to read about all the things you are doing in school. I learned a lot from your blog. I didn’t know that there are fish in Hillel Lodge. I hadn’t heard of Berhte Morisot, but I Googled up some of her paintings, they are so beautiful. I found out the name of a new game, “new cong ball” and a movie series “Ratatouille”. All so interesting! I really liked your video interviews and also the way you changed the text colour!
    I have one question. What is Ev3?
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    1. Thanks 4 the comment, a Ev3 brick is a thing that you attach to a robot and so you can tell it what to do.

  6. Have you ever seen the penguins at the Montreal Biodome? Watching them was one of my favourite parts of visiting the Biodome as a kid. Do you have a favourite type of penguin? I think mine is the Macaroni Penguin because it’s got an awesome hairstyle and has the same name as a pasta.

    1. Thank you for the comment, my favourite penguin is the little penguin and no I a have not been to Montreal Biodome, the only penguins I have seen were at the Jerusalem Zoo.

  7. Great descriptions of your classes and activities! I felt like I was right there in your class. Noa Tili likes Ratatouille as well 🙂

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