JDAIM in Grade 3

As you know, this week we had a workshop with our school Social Worker, Quinn. We discussed words we are learned already (diversity and inclusion), and we learned a brand new word; allyship. Being an ally means you are a friend and supporter of all people! It does not matter if they are different from us, we are supportive and inclusive! We even played a game to show that within our Grade 3 community, we have different interests and abilities!

This morning, we had a class discussion (inspired by this year’s JOIN contest) about adults understanding inclusion.
Below is the Jamboard where we shared some of our ideas!

We also listened to this fantastic story from Miss Brigitte!

Check out her other JDAIM storytime videos here!


Here is more information about the JOIN contest!
Please feel free to work on a project at home to enter in the challenge!

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