6 Replies to “Blogging Challenge Week 1 – Our class avatars!”

  1. Wow – there are some intense looking eyes on some of those avatars! They stare right through me!

    I like to see that you are using some online names too – what made the students choose the ones they did?

    Lots of outdoor activities, books, pets, friends and family from different places — what a fun group of kids in this classroom!

    Mrs. DiMicelli
    HS Tech Integrator (NH)

    1. Thank you Mrs Dimicelli for your comment.

      We chose the names for our Avatars so we can remain anonymous because we are still learning about internet safety and protection online.

      We are a fun class! We will update again soon.

      Grade 3

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      You clearly understand the rules around internet safety by not adding your full name. This is great to see as you are showing us how it should be done.

      From the Grade 3 class 🙂

      Ps. Ben says hi!

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