Everyone can be a genius in here…

Keeping our North Stars in mind, and one in particular “There is a floor here but no ceiling”, made me think about how I can push our grade 3 “ceiling” up, up and away…

And there Genius Hour was; waiting to be noticed! Mr Ray and Mrs Thompson introduced this concept to the Middle school last year and what a creative success it was. So after spending time researching and planning how to implement into Grade 3 – here we are. Grade 3 were introduced to Genius Hour yesterday and their response was phenomenal!

Here isĀ  a video I showed the class about Genius Hour. I encourage you to watch this with your child and see their excitement about how their creativity and imagination can guide them anywhere they choose.

This will predominantly be a project we work on in school but of course enthusiasm and excitement will run over into home and if this is the case, I will adjust homework set that week. As always, if you have any questions about this, please email and we can discuss further.

Here we are getting involved in the initial planning stage – Miss M will have a project too! #alwayslearning!

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