Julie Bennett

My name is Julie Bennett. This will be my second year teaching Grade Four.

I am originally from Montreal. I studied education at McGill and received my Bachelor’s degree in Education in 1989. I started off my career teaching Kindergarten in a small fishing village in Quebec; only accessible by helicopter and boat. I also lived on a reserve two hours north of Ottawa, I taught a K/1 split. Yes, it is tough to teach both these grades in one class!

I have had the good fortune of teaching at the OJCS since 1992. I have loved every moment at this terrific school. I have taught grades K-5. I am passionate about helping my students own their own learning so they can reach for the stars.

I am excited to teach this wonderful group of students once again this year. It should be an awesome year!

Julie Bennett



I am also a big fan of the Ottawa Senators. I grew up a Habs fan and made the switch to the Senators a few years after I moved to Ottawa. I still get teased a lot from all my brothers and family friends. I know there are some Habs fans in the class and some Habs fan parents. I will do my best to make your children become Sens fans this year 🙂